WP was conceived from a requirement of a well-designed personal publishing system built in PHP and My SQL. Its functionalities have made it unquestionably popular that it is not just getting used by bloggers but by almost all business small or large; creating web sites, creating WP wp blog themes etc. For so many reasons, you cannot find a easy and suitable solution like wp free themes to manage your content. Here are a few advantages why you should use WP as CMS.

1. It’s user friendly: Beginner or starting clients do not need to be worried about the possible lack of programming skills. Other content management systems are with complicated features which the key aspect of being user friendly is lost. wp template is very easy to choose . It’s SEO friendly and it features clean permalink structure. It allows you to assign different categories to articles; supports articles and posts tags.

2. It is free: You should use it for free regardless if you are managing a personal or commercial web site. Its developer is continuously making enhancements and security fixes so there’s nothing to bother. To begin with, you simply need a domain name and compatible web hosting account. Your web site could be customized based on your needs. A WP developer can start things for you personally and after you can do it by yourself.

3. It is versatile: if you need a portfolio web site, online gallery, e-commerce photo blog, publications, news or article libraries, WP can perform it easily and it is used by companies worldwide not just for blogging.

4. It is simple to use and may be trusted: satisfied WP users cannot keep their mouth shut. It is always the talk within the web; frequently discussed because of its simplicity and simplicity of use. That builds numerous followers because of its abilities to customize. Everyone can say it saves a lot of time and effort using WP from the beginning.

5. Updating is easily: constant updates are produced. As bugs and security problems are discovered, they are fixed to make the software secured. To upgrade WP you just need a click of a mouse to keep updated, it’s that fast and easy. The latest relieve was the 2.8 series.

6. Many Themes, Templates and Plug ins can be found for free: it comes with an endless line of choice.

* Plug ins: you are able to expand further than the features offered by this platform by the integration of plug ins which increase functionality. WP plug in online community values SEO, without good SEO odds are you won’t have any visitors at your site. So find out about the important and best plug ins WP will offer

If you’re currently planning to create your blogs, WP may be the key start. It’s used by millions of web sites; still growing everyday and is becoming the biggest, most competent blogging platform in the world wide web.

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