It is a very important question: what to begin a creation with? You have a huge desire and Napoleonic plans, but there is a small difficulty – you do not what to start from especially, if do it for the first time. Probably, you already have an experience of creation of a simple homepage, but enough big and finished demands another approach.

One of the big errors at creation consists that it is necessary to begin with design. But it is hardly true and the most part of time will be spent on design and pagination.

It is necessary to start to work after thorough thought concepts and drawing up of future structure. And to select necessary materials on the basis of this information. In general you already know that it is very important to present all the information in the convenient and clear way for the visitor to find what you want him to find.

Information structure. While selecting information it is necessary to structure it, being able to emphasize the most important. But, it happens that even in the important information there is a portion of the most important. Good structure of a provides half of success of its creation. The errors done at this stage, can lead subsequently to the big expenses of forces for correction.
For more convenient organization of thoughts, it is desirable to write structure preliminary on a leaflet of a paper or at least in a notepad.

Let’s take, for example, a small company which has decided to open its representation in the Internet. As a rule, the basic structure of such sites is enough widely spread.

1. Company news
2. The information about company
3. Company’s services
4. The goods catalogue
5. The contact information
Now this structure is necessary to be corrected for concrete company. Probably that the company has some identical spheres of activity by volume and in this case, certainly, it makes sense to add some more points of the menu in top level.

Drawings up a structure of the future resist your desire to locate all the points of the menu on the first page. The person comfortably perceives no more than 7 points, and more quantity causes subconscious tearing away while viewing. Too difficult points do not cause desire to understand.

To avoid it hierarchical construction of the menu is used. Correct structure of the information allows us to stress the basic sections of a , and all minor sections will be accessible after a choice of one of the cores. The described remark concerns as well the menu of the 2nd level – at a considerable quantity of points; it makes sense to enter the menu of the 3rd level. But no more! It will be already too much.

If nevertheless there is much information that it is impossible to structure it into 3 levels of the menu it makes sense to separate sub sites, each of which will be responsible for the definite area.

Nowadays the web technologies are very popular. The Internet network is not only a place to entertain but also a platform to earn money. In spite of the reason, to be presented in the Internet one needs a . And it is the time when the question how to make a website arises. Those who are looking for info on how to build a , are advised to refer to the Web itself. It is full of docs on how to make a website and related topics.

In any way, it wouldn’t be wise not to take advantage of this opportunity provided to us by digital technologies. Google and other search engines, social networks and forums, blogs – all of them could help to find info on “make a new website” and similar topics.

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