In todays more complex internet market not to many people have the knowledge to find the right customers and turn them into buyers. Internet marketing has been something that many people see as a secondary aim.

Sorry for them lucky for those who actually do something about it. is today way more complex than just making a nice website. It is about making people understand and go further on the website. This is something many has forgotten in their webdesign.

Hopefully more and more will understand the importance of quality in the near future.

So what makes a website userfriendly? Well there are mixed meanings about this but one thing is pretty clear.


The more you put in your website the more you will loose.

Another thing is structure structure structure… Why? Because people like strukture. Lets say you visit a webshop and find the menu on the left side and your cart on the right side. You visit some more webshops and find the cart on the right and the menu on the left etc… You will know exactly where to look. BUT if you then visite a webshop with the cart at the bottom and the menu on the right you will get confused. And if your customer get confused he will leave the website because there are plenty of website out there selling stuff.

Offcourse evene I like that is out of the box and modern but the difference is i like . Most people are users!

Oh and here is another tip for you! Make sure your website loads fast! If it dont you will loose customers. Internet is so fast today that most people dont even wait 30 seconds for a website to load. They leave before you even have time to show them your perfect product. Most time the websites speed is depending on a slow hosting or way to big picures on the site but with some small improvement this problem is solved.

Make sure you have something to offer your customers! If you visit a store that is empty or doesnt have anything to sell you will most likely not return again.
If you visit a store with lots of quality products and a very good reseller you will most likely return over and over again because you like the store, the products and the people in the store.

Thats why if your running a waebshop you always should have a phonenumber where customers can call and ask for help and service or even an advice. People sell not machines – thats something that is often forgotten on the internet today. Dare to be personal and you will be rewarded.

This is just a few tips on good – Not for you – for your visitors!

Shortcut to realistic tips in the sphere of free website traffic – please make sure to read this publication. The time has come when proper information is truly within one click, use this opportunity.

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