There are loads of mistakes to keep away from with web design, so here is a collection of 10 common errors that you will undeniably want to stay away from!

1. Don’t test on multiple systems – Firefox, Interenet Explorer, Chrome and other browsers all render your HTML code slightly differently. It may not sound much, but it can affect the layout of your page drastically, even putting parts of the page in the wrong place.

2. Do not proof read your work – Fail to read your work and you might leave horrible spelling mistakes galore on the new site, which will put off your traffic.

3. Use loads of colours – A lot of colours may look clever, but too much of anything is never good and it is easy to get carried away with too plenty of colours. Only keep to as a lot of colours as you actually need.

4. Copy content – One of the worst crimes on the internet as far as designing sites is concerned must be copying content. Usually I have seen where it has been done as the person copying the content has forgotten to remove some of the original references or including totally irrelevant content.

5. Play some music – Why play music? What does it attain? If I want to listed to music as I browse the internet I will play several. But, have you got the correct permission to play the music? Are you sure that your traffic are not browsing your web site in their workplace or at night when others in the house are asleep?

6. False optimisation through spamming – Several people believe that if you repeat lots of words in the meta data you will then perform better on the search engines. Stuffing the keywords at the bottom of the page is also equally bad. The technique does not work, in fact it can alert search engines who might then ban you.

7. Build and they will come – Numerous customers believe that by having a website automatically people will visit it. A few assume that if a web designer builds the website then customers will be falling into the web site. Sorry, but this is not correct. You also have to work on building traffic.

8. Hide important details – Far too loads of sites make the important information that you want to know. Trying to book hotels we have many times given up because something we need to know is not clear. Read through your website and be sure all information is easy to find.

9. Get too many people involved – Though we want other people to proof read the site and check the information is to hand, we do not want a huge committee involved in designing the web site. By the time everyone has had their say in the process it takes far longer to produce the finished product, plus as everyone has had their input to make a mark on the website, there are a lot of little unnecessary add-ons around. Leave it to your designer!

10. Fail to update the website – An out of date website is a huge web design problem. Review the web site every few months and be certain that details are accurate and nothing needs updating.

Keep an eye on these 10 common web design mistakes that you need to keep away from and your web site will be heaps better!

Written by Keith Lunt, who offers a web design Merseyside service. For more useful website promotion services tips, call into the blog!

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