It is no secret that internet has developed over the last few years into perhaps the most important single advertising medium in the world. It is therefore of central importance for any new business to make sure that the not only have a website, but that it can be found! In realistic terms this really means that you need to be in the top ten results on Google for your important keywords, very few people (less than one percent) actually bother to even look at the second page of results. In this article I will discuss some important aspects about website design and SEO, with any luck a few people will find this information invaluable when it comes to creating their first website and creating the rankings they need to make that site a success.

1. Web Design.
There are a few frequent mistakes that people make when creating a new website, or commissioning a website to be made for them. By outlining these mistakes below hopefully you can avoid falling into the same pitfalls and then spending avoidable funds correcting the problem at a later date.

Flash websites.
We all know that websites made from flash are stunning to look at, this is a fact, but it is also a fact that search engines cannot read flash content. If you make your website using this method, you are ultimately shooting yourself in the foot, if the search engines cannot see your content they will not index you! The use of flash for banners is all right, and aslong as you use it for images only it will not cause a problem. The golden rule of thumb is to not use flash for textual content or navigation purposes.

Layout And usability.
Make sure your website is intuative, the simple fact is that people are just not willing to spend any real length of time trying to figure out how your website works. Layout should be clean and fresh with any large sections of text split into paragraphs and supported with images or diagrams wherever achievable.

2. Search Engine Optimisation.
There is plenty of information on the internet regarding SEO, but unless this is something that you intend to contribute a set period of time to every day, then I suggest you genuinely consider outsourcing to a professional SEO Services company. This way you can be sure that your site is optimised to the uppermost standards, and that you have a dedicated and experienced team of linkbuilders who are running your campaign for you. SEO Services can be attained for a very moddest sum, as little as £80 per month, although the level of competition of your main keywords will influence the price you are given. SEO can be done by almost anyone, but most businesses prefer to contract out due to the fact that linkbuilding is very time consuming work.

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