How to get free backlinks

As an owner of a website you need a constant flow of visitors to it every day, yes? In today’s competitive market there are a large number of people with websites who are not getting the number of visitors they need to make their business a success. It is possible though to get over this problem with some simple techniques.

One of the most reliable sources of traffic is from the search engines, especially Google. But how do we get our sites to appear in the search engine listings?

I have detailed some principles for you;


When someone types in a keyword, Google and the other search engines will display the sites with the most relevant content. Whatever keyword or phrase you want to rank for you should ensure that the phrase is in the webpage a few times and that your content also relates to that phrase. Google is getting smarter every day, gone are the days of just stuffing a keyword or phrase and getting ranked.

Being popular

Google likes websites that are popular, so do all the other search engines. When your website first goes live, it’s in the desert land. How will anybody find it? How will Google feel about giving your site a high ranking? Its possible that your site won’t even get indexed. It’s easy to solve this problem luckily with lovely things called backlinks. These are basically links from other peoples sites to yours. Normally each link back to your webpage’s will count as a vote of popularity, the more votes you have, the more Google likes your site and generally the higher you will be indexed. Higher indexing equals more traffic & money.

The problem comes though when you try and get these links from other site owners. What reason do they have? You need to give them some sort of incentive. It will of course be a time consuming and laborious process getting in contact with lots of website owners and asking for links.

It stands to reason that we need some way of automating this process as we will need a LOT of backlinks to make a difference. You also want your links to be built up over time, rather than a massive surge overnight. Over the past weeks and months, I have been using a system that takes care of this problem on auto pilot, not only does it build backlinks, but also builds them naturally which gives far better results. Get more info at my YourNetBiz blog

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