Joomla Video Tutorials are fast becoming the best way to learn Joomla and the open source software’s various modules, plugins and components. It is now labelled the world’s open source platform and is more popular than Drupal though not quite up there with WordPress.

Joomla training online is surpassing the traditional offline Joomla courses offered by technical institutes because of speed, affordability and convenience. We are living in a face past world and now where can the demand for instant need for gratification be seen than in the growth on Joomla Training options in the past six months.

Joomla has become popular for many reasons. All of the software programming for this open source web platform is either free or more customized templates can be purchased for a small license fee, this means the bulk of your web development costs are free. This leaves the learning and training, final configuration and customisation to the end user – either a web developer, your staff member or you.

Joomla video tutorials bridge the one time installation gap between paying a technical web developer and using up your time as the end user.

There are two types of Joomla video tutorials available online for training. The free ones and the ones you pay for. The free videos are usually short versions of how to do a Joomla install and the various components of downloading a template and basic settings etc.

The paid Joomla video tutorials range from $24-$299. The cheaper ones you can mostly find the information they are offering for free on YouTube or on various club sites and communities. The ones you see over $100 will normally be a complete professional Joomla install from installing your 1.5 template to learning the various aspects of the back end from newsletter components and plug-ins.

If you are looking to become a professional web designer using open source templates, or you are a small business owner or entrepreneur wanting to make money from your website, you should consider taking a professional video series that steps you through the process all the way.

Joomla is not that easy to learn for the beginner and you can save a lot of time by leveraging off of other programmers and experts’ time and experience by taking their tutorials. The money is certainly well spent when you consider your hourly rate times the length of time you spend seeking out the right information from a variety of sites and putting your website up live.

Joomla video tutorials are certainly the best option compared to learning via PDF guides and cheaper than going to an offline training course.

Andy Thomas is an IT engineer who learned Joomla the wrong way. He has created comprehensive Joomla Video Tutorials with search engine optimization and traffic generation techniques as a total package for his clients and customers. Information about his Joomla Training videos can be found at

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