Are you looking for the best tips in order to increase your website traffic and ultimate increase your sales?

You may have the best looking website on the Internet, it can be very professionally created, but if no one can find your website, then you have no traffic and very little way to make any real money. This is why or is so vital, if you have further questions visit Whitney Segura’s Internet Marketing Blog.

The first place you want to begin is with good quality content on your site. This is vital because what you want to do is find keywords that are related to your website or business and create content using these keywords. For example, let’s say you are selling picture frames, in your research, you find that keyword phrases “silver picture frames” is a highly searched keyword. The next step is to get some content on your site surrounding the keyword phrase. For example, you could place an article on your website about why silver picture frames are the best for your home.

Next, you will want to make sure you have keywords title tags, which are focused on your business or what you are selling. This needs to be on every page. This is vital along with keyword rich content to allow the search engines to find you and therefore you website begins moving higher up in the search results.

You also need to keep your content on your site fresh, do not just post it and forget it.

Keep it fresh by updating it and adding new content. You might want to have a Blog that is created as an add on to your site, that way you can continually keep your content up-to-date and fresh. Build back links to blogs with programs like Comment Kahuna.

LSI Keywords:
It is important also to focus on keyword phrases, not just single keyword. You can also use LSI keywords, which are those keywords that are related to your keywords. This makes your content more natural and more readable.

Keyword Stuffing:
Do not keyword stuff. In other words, do not take a keyword phrase and try to use it for every other word. Your content will make zero sense and your readers will quickly catch on to what you are up to. In addition, if a search engine as it crawls the Internet finds you have used the keyword phrasing too many times, this actually will count against you. The keyword density in your content should be kept at about 2 percent to be effective.

Keyword Phrase Anchor Text:
Finally, use your links as keyword phrases. In other words, if your keyword phrase is “silver picture frames” turn that into a hyperlink that will link it directly to the silver picture frame so customers can purchase it. By keeping your content up to date and keyword rich without stuffing the keywords, you will be heads above your competition. For more tips, visit the Beast Marketing website.

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