Get higher search engine rankings by doing an in-depth analysis of the optimization level of the following factors for your website. Along with the Internet marketing solutions these factors should uncover for you, compare your competitors that are currently holding the Top 10 ranking positions for your keyword phrases to reveal what else should be done to gain top rankings.

By examining these factors you will uncover the requirements that are needed to gain a Top 10 major search engine ranking in Google’s organic result listings. Below are just some of the factors that will have varying influence on your rankings. These factors could make the difference of being found #1 or #30 in the organic search results for your targeted keyword phrases.

Title Tag Content and Length
Global Link Popularity Count
Link Text of Inbound Links
Body Text Keyword Usage
Heading Tag Analysis
URL Structure Review
Social Network Popularity Presence
Page Load Speed Times
Sub-Headline Text Analysis
Level of Image Optimization
Same Site Link Text Breakdown
Outbound Link Text Analysis
Meta Description Content and Length
Content-to-Code Ratio
Pages from Root
Robots.txt Analysis
HTML Validation of Web Page to W3C Standards
Search Engine Compatibility Review
Canonical Review
Various Factors Preventing a Top Ranking
Full Breakdown on Web Copy
Readability Level of Web Page

With this information in hand you can optimize your own web pages and see just how well you will rank for your targeted keyword phrases.

Besides the above factors here are some points to consider when looking at the organic optimization level of your web pages.

The linking web sites, are they related to your targeted search term and do they belong to the same or relevant category?
What is PageRank of these link pages?
Do these links point to high quality and topically-related web pages?
When were these links accomplished and how fast are your new links acquired?
Review the words that surround your link text as they play a part in the algorithm that ranks your web pages.
How many important links from your other pages point to your website?
How often do you make changes to your web page over time? Is your content fresh and up-to-date?
How long do your visitors spend on your web page?
How many important links from your other pages point to the page being optimized?
What is your click-through rate and how can it be improved?
How often is your company name or web page URL searched for on
Do you have content that is very similar or of a duplicate nature to your existing content?
What is the downtime of your server?
Do you have low quality links to other web sites?
Do you use duplicate Meta tags?
Do you excessively use the same keyword?
Do you partake in link schemes or sell links on your web pages?
Does your web page have any grammar or spelling mistakes?

Google does reveal there are 200 factors that influence their ranking process, but the good news is that you only have to out-perform the next highest competitor. So knowing whom you are up against before promoting and optimizing your web pages will help streamline the process.
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