In this post we will be discussing some important and very small techniques which almost 80% of optimizers forget or don’t know its importance. If you learn the art of optimizing images and link you can control quite a good of your site.
Optimizing links with title attributes:

What is it ? and what it does? Title is an attribute of an anchor/link tag. It is written in html like tihs Title tags plays an important role in letting the search engine knows what the link is about and what is it pointing to. Most of us never think of adding a title tag in the links. A title tag doubles the seo power of your link.

Now how does a crawler/spider see and understands a link? A web spider crawls through the html code of the link . First thing which it takes in notice is the url/address of the link and after that the keyword on which the link is implemented. Lets understand it with an example of an art site with keyword online drawing and the link pointing to a page where there is online drawing or related content availble. A simple link will look like this :

online drawing

Well this is normal and an example of an unoptimized link.

Now we will optimize this link for optimum results. Here are a few things you should remember:

* Keyword should be prominent in link.
* Must add title attribute in it.
* Seperate multiple words in keyword with dashes “-”.
* Your link’s URL must not be very long.

Here is an example of good link optimization:

Online Drawing

This gives the web crawlers/spiders a direct and perfect view that this link is about online drawing and is pointing to a page where u can find stuff related to online drawing keyword.
Image Optimization with alt attributes:

Ok first of all understand one thing web crawlers/spiders are not humans that means they cannot see images placed on your site!!! its important. So how do search engines index images and shows accurate results most of the time on searching. They index the images with reference to the image name, alt tag and link on it, ofcourse if there is a link on the image. Example of a normally placed image

this is how normally imags are placed on web pages. let us again take the example of online drawing as keyword for an image. it will look like this:

this is an unoptimized image tag which will show u the image but will not contribute in your page’s seo and rank as much as it actually can. Given below is an example of a fully optimized image tag.

online drawing

This example shows the search engine that the image is about online drawing, and it adds to teh seo of your site. Additionally images optimized like this are more visible in image searches in search engines.

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