When promoting your site, the most time consuming part of any SEO campaign, and indeed the only part of the campaign which really needs to be carried out on an ongoing day to day basis, is . There are many ways in which you can build links, and whilst some techniques will bring more links per hour, other techniques will result in just a small number of links that will bring great amounts of traffic. A good link building campaign will therefore incorporate a number of techniques to gain inbound links from a diverse array of highly relevant pages across the internet. Below are a few of the very best link building techniques used in the present day by SEO companies and experienced internet marketers.

1. Article Distribution.
Article distribution involves writing an article which is submitted to a number of article sites across the internet, because you want to get as many of these articles and the links they contain indexed by google, many article marketers these days use a method known as article spinning, this involves the use of a special syntax which creates hundreds, and in some cases thousands of unique versions of the same article, by inserting synonyms at random from each spin syntax used in the article body. You can of course achieve the same result by manually rewriting the article for each submission, but this will take a lot longer. This approach is great for building high volumes of links, although usually these links will only benefit your search rankings, and you will not gain much traffic through the links themselves.

2. Guest Posting.
Guest posting involves writing articles for highly successful and related blogs that write about a subject matter which is related to your site. Obviously the addition of the couple of links that you will gain from one guest post is not going to do that much for your rankings on Google, but if you manage to get an article published on blog that has huge volumes of traffic you can expect to get a short lived torrent of traffic from this post, as well as a lasting residual flow once the article is archived.

3. Link Baiting.
Link baiting is not a quick solution to building links, but this technique should not however be overlooked. It can be a phenomenally lucrative technique when well applied and it is possible to attain thousands of links from one link bait over a few years. Good examples of link baiting are making a free blog plug in which adds a link to your site to the pages of blogs which use it, or creating word press or joomla themes which are free to download and contain a footer link pointing to your site.

By applying each of the above strategies when link building, you will gain a diverse and organic looking link profile that will stand the test of time. Each of the three strategies listed here have their particular advantages. Link baiting for example is great for gaining page rank, and although I personally don’t put too much weight on pr these days, there is no disputing these links are trusted. Guest posting will bring traffic even when your search rankings are not fully matured, and article distribution is invincible for the sheer mass of links that can be built with relative ease.

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