Ok guys this is something nowadays very useful to drive traffic to your site very easily. I have been trying allot of bookmarking sites but what stumbleupon do i don’t think any other bookmarking site can do. It gives u direct traffic and sometimes even 500-800 hits per day only if u know how to use it. I will be talking about just the basic way or art of stumbling. It will be enough i guess. Ok now follow these steps:

  • Register with if u haven’t.
  • Install their toolbar on your browser.
  • Get your site ready to submit. (don’t stumble underconstruction sort of pages)

Ok one quick advise don’t stumble one page per day or something like that or don’t just run behind you homepage. That won’t help u much. You would have to Stumble like more then 10 pages every day of your site. Now how to stumble? Here is a view of the toolbar which we will need to use:

stumble sitebar

Ok now what u need to do is simply go the page of your website you want to stumble ,  click I Like it! After clicking a box will appear like this one :


Ok in this box just click yes or no regarding the nature of your content. Now this is an important part. you have to select a category. Search if there is a category available which matches your content nature. If not Please don’t make your own categories!! Mind it!! Simply Find a nearest category and its subcategory add what u think should be the category, if the sub category isn’t available like that too. Then just type it in the tags box by adding a comma after the main category. Don’t add two many tags on three or four. Next Step: Add a review. Please Don’t stuff it with keywords . just add what you  think about that page you are stumbling. Make it natural and reall. people will like it if your content is good and add more reviews and stumble it so you get more and more visibility on stumbleupon and more traffic.

stumble_tinyOk now after this if this area of your toolbar:  doesn’t become red, you have the opportunity of adding more tags to it. click it and add more tags. hit add Review. There we are done :) i hope it would be helpful Dont forget to subscribe to our rss!!

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