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The Importance Of Usability 0

or “Why Users Are Leaving Your Website” Regardless of its style or category, any website’s success hinges on its ease of use. According to Jakob Nielsen, an eminent usability expert, “If a website is difficult to use, people leave.” A website should: * State plainly what it offers. * Be easy to navigate. * Be [...]

Webdesign – Modern Design 0

In todays more complex internet market not to many people have the knowledge to find the right customers and turn them into buyers. Internet marketing has been something that many people see as a secondary aim. Sorry for them lucky for those who actually do something about it. Webdesign is today way more complex than [...]

How To Develop The Cascading Stylesheet Strategy 0

Devising Your Css Technique as a basic web development element Arrange Your Cascading stylesheet Styles : The most common blunder a number of web developers dedicate is that they put all the designs for the entire website into one Css file. Although this approach works for the little website having a very few webpages having [...]

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