What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization, or better known as the acronym SEO is an activity undertaken by the webmasters / website owners to improve their website’s position in search results on search engines / search engine, this is done in order to prosecute or to get visitors from search engines like google, yahoo , bing, from other search engines.

Why do they do SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

No other than that if the webmaster / website owner managed to get top positions are at the first of search results that match the search word / dibidiknya keyword that, then he will get visitors directly from search engine / search engine that is targeted visitor, or a potential buyer potential reader to its website.

Called potential buyers or readers, because these visitors are looking for information on search engine / search engine and then displayed by the search engines list websites that are considered most appropriate by the search engine algorithms, and visitors will be opening the websites one of which is website. And if that information is displayed on the website your match, then you can benefit from the sales or ad clicks from visitors. It depends from what is displayed on your website.
Do you offer a product-related information visitors are looking for …
Do you offer services that sought information about these visitors …
Or you display the information or article is accompanied banner or text ads PPC – Pay per click ads displaying about information sought by visitors are …

In these circumstances the sales will happen to products and services you offer, and also ppc ads that appear to be more clicked by a visitor on your website, because these visitors are looking for information and require solutions, which solution can be offered by the product and services or through other third party ads displayed on your website.

Therefore, if you run a business on the internet, that any business, you are strongly advised to learn seo and apply the principles of SEO – Search Engine Optimization, so your websites position well displayed by search engines on keyword searches or the proper word is in accordance with your business. In this way, then your website can find their own prospects and making money, without you need to promote others like renting a place banner ads on the installation of other websites, advertise your site through ppc advertising and other promotions.

When your website is indexed in the position and the right keywords and you have to wait for sales. Sales will be determined by the hot or not your market, whether your product is a product or just need complementary products, whether the product you are looking for solutions to these visitors and also depends on the price offered by your visitors enter your budget or not.

The conclusion, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an important thing today, which will support the success of your website on the Internet. SEO is one important method of marketing.

Is it easier to learn SEO or difficult?

Learning SEO is not difficult but also not too easy, which needs to be done is to apply the basic principles of website optimization of internal and external sides. And if consistently carried out, the position your website will accomplish and your website will be able to find a buyer yourself and making money. Find more tips at belajar search engine and peluang usaha sampingan in Indonesian Language.

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