Everyone has their own way of doing , and that’s the better way to do it. But, streamlining your process will make your process to run successfully. By streamlining your process, you and your clients benefit when your process is faster, and more efficient. Why to wait for some more time, here are five steps you can start doing right now to streamline your process.

Defining your Service
Define or create a complete list of Services that you offer to your client. Think of what the major services that your clients want from you. Consider those services that relates to keyword research, content writing and optimization, link building, and site optimization, and categorize your services into these (or other) areas. Other Services that makes your clients interesting such as marketing, advertising, and website design may also be on your list. Rewrite your website content, marketing material, and advertising campaigns according to the list of service that you offer.

Prepare Checklist
As an Company you might be sure of do’s and don’ts. It’s the time to make it materialize these do’s and don’ts in to Checklists. Checklist will make a thorough review of each and every project to ensure that all your Checklists points have been satisfied. The advantage of having Checklists is that you will remember even the small points of .

Split your process in to different area of services (keywords, content, link building, etc.) and each area will have its own Checklist of item to look for when doing a project review. Each of your services (from step 1) should be represented by at least one item in a checklist, and most services will have multiple items.

Items in a checklist can be in the form of questions, points to check for, or tasks to complete. As an example, here are a few items from two of my checklists:
Keyword Checklist
~ What are the landing pages that I need to target?
~ Does each keyword have its own respective landing page?
~ What keywords are your competitors using for pay-per-click ads?
~ Did your run keyword tools for your keyword research?

Content Checklist
~ Landing pages have main keyword in title, header, and body
~ Are the contents are unique from other landing pages?
~ Data or pages primarily behind search forms are accessible with text links

While starting any new projects, this checklist will serve you to achieve good results. By walking through your checklists for any new project, it will help to track those items that have been completed. Each item left unchecked then becomes a task on your to-do list.

Creating Set of Reports
Approach your client with an Report such as site analysis report, competitor analysis report etc. to increase your company’s reliability. These reports will benefit clients by telling them what you have found lagging and measure you are going to take to overcome that in hand. Building an attractive, informative and periodic reports throughout the project period will increase the trust and used to build a good relationship with your client. Having an automated report from your website may be a great way to catch the attention of potential clients.

Like you provide clients with some reports, it is also important to have certain internal reports to gauge your progress. Internal reports are more technical as they are meant for you. Internal reports will help in tracking the project progress and may point out ways in which you may be underperforming or excelling.

Build your Team of Specialists

The most complicated process in is to build a team of Specialists. As the process is highly critical you want to find who likes a master of all things . Find specialist for each service that you offer but do not do on your own. You might prefer using a specialist for link building or for writing unique content. As the days goes by these specialists will become your “ Team”, your set of specialists that you source to work with.

After establishing your team of specialists, it is highly important to set of standard rules and communication work flow within your team to maintain sustainability in this field. Develop an Frame work that your team has to perform for each project, i.e. from start to finish. Agree beforehand with the provider on a cost and time frame for their services. Services that are based on factors that vary from project to project, try to work out a set cost and time frame for a range of possibilities.
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