If your business has a web site which you are looking at promoting via Search engine optimisation, you have almost certainly asked yourself whether or not you should outsource the work, or whether it would be more cost effective to deal with the SEO inhouse in the long run. This is a very familiar question, and the correct answer will really depend on the complexity of your website, your practical ability, in addition to the level of competition around your target keywords. Another factor that is often disregarded is time, SEO is very time consuming, and if you have a prosperous business, the chances are you might want to think of approaching a few companies for quotes for this reason alone.

The main advantages of outsourcing your SEO to a specialist SEO Services provider are that you then save yourself potentially months of study to bring yourself up to the same sort of level of competence, and that you can concentrate on what you do best, running your business. Now I am not saying that it is out of the question to acheive first page rankings with only a elementary understanding of SEO, because it is, just that If you choose a good SEO Services company, the general standards of your on page optimisation should be improved by a large degree.

If you do decide to conduct your SEO inhouse, the first thing you will need is training, as a newcomer you are going to need to learn about all aspects of SEO, both on page and off page, including the latest and most effective link building procedures, aswell as procuring a basic understanding of how googles other services such as news, blog results and local search can be used to increase you online visibility and bring more traffic to your website. You may even want to think about tanking on a new member of staff full time to deal with your online marketing, this ofcourse will depend entirely on your budget and the size of the campaign you wish to conduct. There are perhaps hundreds of different SEO courses out there, but be wary, none are really what you would call “recognised” across the industry as qualifications are in the health and safety business for example. There are some companies whos courses are little more than a con, but there are others who have a great reputation and deep understanding of SEO which you would do well to approach, such as SEObook.

Whichever option you decide to go with, one thing to avoid is the type of service that relies on email marketing to promote their product, and offers to sell you one thousand links for a set price, firstly if these links were any good, the people selling them would not need to use email advertising to get your attention as they would have a website ranking for highly competetive terms like “buy backlinks” and secondly, these links are practically always low quality directory links that will make little difference to your rankings. The quality of your inbound links is very significant, and all links are not the same.

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