I was browsing via the search engine results for the phrase `copywriter` not too long ago and got here across a site ranked more highly than mine. `Great!` I thought, `What can I model from this site to make mine higher`

I looked at it, though, and couldn`t work out how it got such a very good result. It gave the impression to be only a one-web page web site, albeit that one web page was an extended one. Not a lot content, no actual signal as to why the search engine (Google, on this case) rated it. After which I clicked on the `copywriting links` button on the bottom of the page. That`s once I knew what the guy operating the site had done.

The `copywriting hyperlinks` consisted of a number of hundred links to sites that had nothing to do together with his business. Kayak holidays in New Zealand. Real estate in Florida. These will not be links you`d affiliate with copywriting, proper So why was he doing it

This is how the system works:

- He joins a website links chain.
- There are literally thousands of websites in the chain, all doing the same factor as him.
- He places up a number of hundred links to sites in the chain, regardless of whether or not they have something to do together with his enterprise or not.
- The websites he links to don`t hyperlink again to him (reciprocal linking shouldn’t be drastically appreciated by the search engines).
- As an alternative, a number of hundred other websites within the chain that he hasn`t linked to put hyperlinks to him. It`s a circle, you see
- On this means, he gets tons of of one-approach links.
- Search engines like google love one-way links and see them as votes of confidence in your site.
- They reward sites with those hyperlinks appropriately and provides them good rankings.
- And that`s how he ended up above me!

So, no downside, right What`s wrong with that If I`m severe about web optimization, isn`t this one thing I ought to think about

Well…. No. To me, this is just another model of black hat (that means `evil`) SEO. It`s spam. Why on earth would I wish to see a hyperlink to Florida actual estate when I`m looking for a copywriter It`s irrelevant.

However can I say that he did the improper factor He received a better position than me, didn’t he Isn`t it just a case of swallowing my ideas and doing it, as a result of `it`s what everybody else does` I can`t truthfully say.

All self-righteousness aside, my feeling is that though these tactics will get you a good results position (assuming the search engines don`t discover what you`ve performed and punish you for it), as a rule the people who come to your site will take one look, think `huh` and click on away. Extra related, content material-rich sites will, in the long run, get the rewards they deserve. In other phrases, the great guys win.

As a Google spokesperson not too long ago stated, `Belief and fame assist to scale back spam`.

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