Everyone ran into broken links in the Internet many times and knows how disappointing it is to see 404 Page Not Found error instead of desired webpage. However dead links on websites are not just annoying – their existence may cause some real damage to one’s online business and reputation in the Internet. Moreover this also can cause impact negatively website’s ratings with major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Every webmaster knows that with growth of web-site content it’s getting harder and harder to manage relations between individual webpages and keep track of hyperlinks within a website. Unfortunately there are no perfect web-site integrity tools that can enforce proper relations between webpages, keep track of moving pages, webpage renames etc, and update corresponding URLs automatically. With time this causes some hyperlinks become obsolete, stale, and simply dead because they don’t lead to valid pages anymore

This is where a good link checking tool comes handy and does the routine work of running through numerous webpages, detecting and reporting broken links.
This is exactly where the recommended above Link Checker truely shines: it will check your webpages and will make you aware of dead links on your website, and will tell you precisely where to fix those!

The free Link-Checker.info online service mentioned above not just tells you which of your hyperlinks are dead but it will also show to your where exactly those invalid links locate in your HTML code! Such a unique feature makes this Broken Link Detector stand out from other available detection tools, and makes it very easy for a webmaster to find and fix invalid URL in virtually no time! It’s never been so easy to locate and fix broken hyperlinks.

Also Link-Checker.info tool reports only hyperlinks that are broken unlike majority of other tools that list both good and broken weblinks all together making it’s very hard to work with such “noisy” information.

Be aware that modern content management systems (e.g. Joomla!) may contribute to the deal link problem even more – by repeating the same dead weblinks across numerous web-pages they generate dynamically so people can get 404 errors much more frequently. All this happen to internal links.
With external ones the situation is even worse: the external website you are linking to can change names and locations of their websites any time without any notice. The external servers can be put down (temporarily or forever) or their domain expire or sold.
Due to lack of adequate tools (aka URL validators, web spiders, website’s health checkers etc) it’s really very hard to identify what exact hyperlinks became dead, and it’s even harder to fix those because in order to do so you need to know precise location of the broken linking tag in the HTML code: without that you will need to scan through thousands lines of HTML to find exact HREF (or other linking sub-tag) that causes the problem.
The free Link-Checker.info online service addresses all thess problems, and the best thing is – it does it 100% free! Try it today and add to your collection of SEO tools.

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