When it comes to promoting a business on the web, we all know about the importance of SEO, after all if your website is not on the top page of Google for your principal keywords then its pretty reasonable to say that you are not going to get any business from organic search. That said Google isnt the only way you can obtain exposure on the internet (although it is by far and wide the best and most vital).

What if you are starting out in a niche and need to make at least some take-home pay to support you whilst you can conquer the Organic Google beast? Well there are numerous options open to you, pay per click internet marketing is a great way to reach the masses, and because its targetted to those searching for your services or products your conversion rate of traffic to sales should be moderately high (presuming your website is properly optimised), but there is another problem here, and that is that PPC can cost enormous amounts of funds to see any return, furthermore you really need to be pretty knowledgeable in order to see any return at all.

Perhaps the best option for any person trying to get his feet off the ground with a new endeavor whilst on a very restricted budget is to submit listings of his site to extremely relevant directories and websites that either target your local locale or are specific to your niche. If you use firefox, download and install alexa’s toolbar, this will tell you how much traffic each site gets, you will really be surprised at how much free traffic is out there if you are willing to take your time and submit your site to traffic rich sites.

Even if you only manage to get 10 visits per day from each of these websites, and you then go on to submit a hundred comparable links, then before you know it you are recieving a thousand hits per calendar day! Thats before you are even ranking in Google, (and these links will help with that) Locally targetted directories can also be a really great source of qualified leads, for instance, a company owner in Yorkshire could submit their site to the yorkshire business directory, although the yorkshire business directory in all probability will never get gigantic amounts of traffic, the traffic it does get is very targetted to your locality, therefore the chances are that any traffic the yorkshire business directory sends your way is going to have a very high conversion rate.

I hope that this article has shown you that even though organic rankings are of tremendous importance, they are not the “be all and end all” of web based marketing, I hope that there are some new business owners out there that gain from reading this article.

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