Add Google Adsense to WordPress without plugins

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I was just trying to add Adsense to this blog and found several plugins available to add Google adsense to wordpress. Finally, I managed to add Google Adsense to this blog without any plugins – this solution takes around 5 mins to setup and it only uses the text widget available in wordpress by default.

Step 1: Login to your blog as administrator
Step 2: Click on Appearance Step
3: Select Widgets Step
4: Select the sidebar you want (Default Sidebar 1) Step
5: Add Text widget Step
6: Click on Edit widget Step
7: Enter Caption. I have used “Useful Links” Step
8: Page your Google Adsense code in the text area. See example code & screenshot


<script type="text/javascript">
google_ad_client = "pub-9990819195828769";
google_ad_slot = "7810166087";
google_ad_width = 200;
google_ad_height = 200;
// --></script>
<script src=""


adsensense widget

adsensense widget

Step 9: Click done & Save changes.

You should now be able to see Ads from Google showing on the left side of your sidebar. Just like we have on the top right of this page.

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How do I increase my traffic? 0

First, design your website in such a way that it will attract Internet users. A user-friendly site is always recommended so that the customers will know which one to click. Take into consideration the look and feel of the advertisement. If it doesn’t look professional, most likely, users will just ignore it.

Place the ad on a strategic location – one where users can see it clearly.

Visibility of the ad is always important.

Another way is to post a link to your website in forums, web communities, ezine articles or bulletin boards. However, this method requires a lot of effort – that defeats your purpose of getting easy money in the first place! The key is to do something once and forget about it. It’s like putting your business on autopilot.

To maintain you pay-per-click business, be sure to track down site activity, so you are updated on how much money you are making.

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Basics Of Seo 0

Nowadays, even the smallest company uses the Internet as a main tool in building a customer base, keeping in contact with their clients and this is also their most basic means of advertising.

Designing a company web site is cheap and effective, not to mention essential because the world wide web is the only medium that offers instantaneous information access to millions of users around the globe.

Any web developer worth his salt should know about search engine optimization or SEO.

This is the key towards building an effective web site that would get a lot of hits and visitors. A web site that nobody visits is useless so the challenge lies in leading Internet users to visit your web site.

Thus, your web site need to be “found” when users type in keywords in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, AOL and others.

Once a keyword relating to the products or services that you offer is keyed into a search engine, a direct link to your web site should emerge on top of the list.

You should employ search engine optimization techniques to lead traffic your way, and get more hits that would later on lead to more profit for your company, which is your goal in the first place.

Here are some tips on how you can make it to the top of the list of search engines, and use your SEO techniques to benefit your web site and your company:

1. If you have an existing web site and domain, just optimize the one that you currently have instead of purchasing a new domain.

It will take some time before your web site will show up in a particular search engine, like Google, so it better to use the one that you currently have instead of switching to a new one.

2. Know who your target audience is and aim for them.

If you are in the manufacturing industry and a user types in your product in a search engine, then you would immediately have your target right in front of you.

As soon as the user hits the Enter button or clicks on ‘Search’, then the person will be lead to your web site.

Make sure that your target market will get ‘hooked’ on your web site. Once the search engines show the link to your web site, their job is done.

What you should do next is to make sure that your visitor will not leave your web site without them trying out your products or services, or at least leaving some pertinent information so that you can contact them in the future for marketing and advertising purposes.

When hitting a particular target market, learn about their interests, location and age to have an idea of what you can offer them in return.

Also, you can somehow link their interests to your products and services.

3. Search for the right keyword.

You should be creative, persistent and flexible when looking for the keyword or keyword phrases to use in optimizing your web site.

Google and Yahoo offer some tools and tips on how you can come up with keywords that will yield results.

Do not settle for just one keyword. You can also vary the words and phrases that you use for each page on your web site so that you can have more hits.

4. Consider your target market when designing your web site.

The design itself would include the general theme of the web site. You should also pay attention to smaller details such as color and font style and size.

Make sure that the web site is user-friendly and do not forget to insert helpful articles, tips, hints and related links that can be shared to other users.

It is a good thing to have an option to send a link or an article to a friend, which will add more users and increase your client base.

There should also be various ways to browse through your web site, to fit each user.

A person might find it to difficult use the scroll down option so you should also provide hyperlinks which are accessible to them.

5. Concentrate on the web site content.

Regularly update the content of your web site so that old and new users can find something new when browsing through your site.

Make the content brief and precise. Writing a content which has more than 600 words will make the users lose interest, since most of them do not actually read but just skim through the text.

Strive to be the best and most comprehensive web site and you will make your mark when it comes to information about the products and services that you offer.

It helps a lot to pay attention to detail, too.

Finally, keeping your web site’s content updated is a must.

Spread the word about your web site and use the basic search engine optimization techniques and you will surely gain positive results once users visit your web site.

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Google Dance And The Use Of Page Rank 0

The update of the Google index is also known as the Google dance. For a number of days when Google is updating their index to include new pages and replace their algorithms, search outcomes nearly seem to take on a lifetime of their own. Excessive positioned sites have been recognized to drop into near obscurity while the lesser-judged websites abruptly discover themselves careering towards dizzy heights in the rankings. Whereas this phenomenon is often comparatively short lived, lasting solely or three days, many site owners take it to be a sign of things to come through the subsequent main update.

Spurious Search Engine Outcomes

Google makes use of a number of patented algorithms to determine the exact ranking of each indexed website. Additionally they try and index as many websites and pages as they will presumably find. So as to do this they utilize tens of thousands of various hosts and over a dozen knowledge centers. It is unimaginable for Google to replace each one in every of these at the similar time and it’s also impossible for them to alternate between utilizing outdated data and the brand new updated data. This leads to some doubtlessly skewed results in their listings. However, these results are not often indicative of future rankings.

Relying Too Closely On Toolbar PR

The problem for a lot of site owners is an over reliance on the toolbar web page rank. This is a problem for several reasons. Page rank isn’t the be all and end all of search engine rankings. It is used to determine the weight of an inbound hyperlink, meaning that a link from a page with a PR5 is significantly better than a link from a web page with PR2. Nevertheless, having a PR6 won’t essentially mean that your site will checklist above all the PR4 websites on the web.

Relevancy Of Web site Content

The logic is fairly simple. The PR of your website is a numerical value decided by numerous components together with the number of inbound links. On no account can this numerical ranking indicate the relevance of your web site content material when taking a look at a specific search term. Having a PR6 website doesn’t necessarily imply that your site bears extra relevance to a specific time period than one other website with a PR2. So, as well as the PR of your website, Google must also think about the subject and the content of your web site and how related that is to the related search term.

Toolbar PR In contrast To Live PR

One other downside is that the toolbar PR is only up to date each three months or so, typically longer, typically shorter. When you’re seeing that your web site solely has a PR2 it could be that it truly has a PR nearer to 5. Your website will receive the credit score from this “live” PR in preference to that of the toolbar PR so don’t panic.

A Final Word On The Google Dance

During the time the Google dance is being accomplished, the servers located round completely different knowledge facilities are upgrading and updating one at a time. Because of this some websites will present spurious results and why some webmasters profit for a day or while others lose out. There may be absolutely nothing that may be completed to stop this Google phenomenon and there’s nothing you can do to rush the method up. All that’s left is to sit again and watch in amazement as the Google index dances.

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The Advantages Of Web Site Building! 0

The advantages of web site building!

Why creating of you own web site is such a great idea for you business activity? And why it differs from the real employees?

First of all it will never get ill;

It does not have a bad mood;

Will always concern your clients with attention and love;

Will operatively inform on all changes and innovations;

You do not need to pay the salary to it;

It cares about the well-being of your firm;

It is not necessary for you to worry that at your competitors the client will receive the information more conveniently and faster than at you;

In case of need a site to find much faster, than for a long time the received and successfully forgotten booklet;

And already your clients should not recollect your office already has opened or not, what difference in time between cities, by what phone it is possible will phone to the manager. Your virtual office is accessible 7 days in week and 24 hours a day.

Your corporate site it too advertising which has a number of advantages. Any kind of advertising does not give such tremendous possibilities. Your site works only on you with the maximum return. If your competitors do not have site to you has largely carried — site presence gives the chance to be pulled out forward and to be the leader. So, the site is advertising with tremendous possibilities:

Direct access to the client and the client to you 24 hours a day 7 days in a week:

Limitlessness of quantity of exits;

Huge audience;

Limitlessness on volume;

Limitlessness on time;

Limitlessness on speed of updating;

Granting of as much as possible full information on your firm, given products (services);

The minimum cost for the maximum return;



One of problems of your site, from which it successfully consults, consists in expansion of your business and commodity market increase. And attraction of new clients, and accordingly increase in your incomes is more concrete. Increase in incomes probably only in case of attraction of new buyers. And your site solves this problem.

Finally, the site is necessary for:

Round-the-clock booking;

Elimination of the human factor;

Minimum a holding time of the client;

Automation of reception of the order;

Maintenance of the maximum convenience to the client;

Unlimited and growing commodity market;

To be one step away ahead of the competitors;

It will give you a possibility of the reception of a maximum profit at a minimum of expenses.

Remember the postponing of creations of the corporate site you will lose your own money and also time. Unless you will find the correct approach to the business you won’t make it successful.

Today the online technologies are very popular. The Internet network is not only a place to entertain but also a spot to earn money. In spite of the reason, to be presented in the Internet one needs a site. And it is the time when the question how to make a website arises. Those who are searching for info on how to build a website, are advised to refer to the Internet itself. It is full of tutorials on how to make a website and respective topics.

In any way, it wouldn’t be wise not to take advantage of this opportunity provided to us by modern technologies. Google and other search engines, social networks and forums, blogs – all of them could help to find information on “where to make a website” and similar topics.

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SEO:Off-page Optimization 0

Secret #1: Get other sites to link to you. Each time another website links to you, they are in essence sending a vote to the search engines indicating your importance. This is especially important to Google who puts a significant amount of weight on the value of links from other websites. The more sites that “vote” for you, the more popular your site becomes.

The most effective way to identify the “right” sites to get links from should be based on who is linking to your competition. Better yet, you should be evaluating who links to the #1 search result in Google for the keywords or keyword phrases you’re optimizing for.
If you get the same sites to link to your site, you’ll be in the top position. This strategy is simple but not all that easy to do. It’s very time consuming and requires consistent evaluation and review. I spent year’s trying to do this only my own but didn’t see any results until I acquired SEO Elite to identify which sites to target. In less than 30 seconds SEO Elite tells me exactly which sites are linking to the #1 positioned website and gives me the information I need to contact them and request a link.

Additionally, you also want to identify Authority Websites. These are sites that link to 2 or more of your competitors, other websites optimized for a particular keyword. Again, SEO Elite does all this work for you saving you literally dozens of hours of research. Even if you were to search for these sites yourself, without the proper SEO tool, you may never find the top authoritative websites for your niche.

Another way to build a significant number of links to your website . almost immediately. is through Article Marketing. Article marketing is the practice of writing informational article about your area of expertise and distributing these articles to information hungry websites across the web. The beauty of this strategy is the inclusion of an Author Box. This is a small section at the end of your article that provides information about you, the author, and a link to your website. I have personally used Article Submitter Pro to help distribute my articles to hundreds of article directories, valuable content sites, and article feeds.

Article marketing has created thousands of links back to my website. In fact if you Google my name Michael Fleischner, you’ll find more than 72,000 references. Most of these references are directly associated to my article marketing using Article Submitter Pro. I use this software to virtually automate my article development and distribution. Articles are posted to content sites that repurpose and redistribute my articles across the web including those all important links back to in the Author Box. This tool builds external links and increases my Google results.

Secret #2: Anchor text must include your keyword phrase. When other sites link to you, make sure the link back to your site includes your keyword phrase. Sites that link to your domain can help with overall page rank and popularity, but websites who link to you using your keyword phrase (in the anchor text) are what get you to the top of search engine result lists.

Too often I see clients who claim, “We have hundreds of links to our website but we’re still not ranked”. Ten times out of ten, I find that the link text (the words used in the link) has their company name only. As a result, when I do a search for “XYZcompany” they come up high on the search results. This is great if they are a well known company and people are typing their name into search engines. However, this is not very effective most of the time because their company name is not well known or is not the phrase people are using to search for a particular product or service being offered.

Rather, the link text should include the keyword or keyword phrase they’re optimizing for. For example, if you are selling widgets and you want to optimize for Low Cost Widgets, then the link on other sites should look like this “Low Cost Widgets”. The code would probably look something like this:

<a href="" target="_blank">Low Cost Widgets</a>

Secret #3: Give people a reason to link to your website. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways including free content such as news or articles, white papers, free tools, etc. Ultimately, it comes down to offering something of value. If you do, other websites will provide one way links which are incredibly valuable for search engine result placement.

Personally, I like to create article directories which provide a wealth of information to website browsers seeking information. For example, I’ve developed a posting of marketing related articles that I have written during my professional career – placing them in a special free articles area of my website. There are a number of other web sites linking to this resource. I make sure to add new articles on a regular basis to keep the content fresh. Doing so encourages other sites to create links to the content from their own web sites.

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Hints For Web Design Beginners 0

The skills of web design include being able to present and create content, to be delivered through in the world wide web. A web site may include a collection of documents, images and forms. Web design companies have grown due to the increase in the number of people who have access to a computer and the internet.

It is important that any front page immediately stands out to the reader. If the first initial page looks appealing people are more likely to read on. There are plenty of ineffective and effective websites out there for people to discover. This means your website needs to have a different quality from others to make it stand out.

Web design companies can help build you an effective website that suits the needs of your companies. Not every site requires the same material. Some sites require an online shop, some just provide people with information and some offer forum based discussions. The content within the website all depends on your type of company. Web designers can input their ideas to help you to explore a different approach, that may never have crossed your mind. Your website needs something special to stand out from the crowd. Companies can also give their personal opinions to help you decide exactly what you want from your website and how you want it to look.

Web designers may even offer you a monthly package in which your site will be updated regularly to ensure the content stays up to date. A pet hate of many is being given out of date or the wrong information. These may include company opening times, products available and general information about your company or products. You can take one less worry off of your shoulders by placing the responsibility in someone else’s hands. If the website is constantly being updated and changed it can help Google to recognize it is still active and keep it competeitive in Google rankings.

Another way to keep a web developers competitive is to use search engine optimization. It will also help your site to be found when being searched for through Google by using words that might related to your site. This helps to increase the number of people finding and visiting your site.

It is very hard to design a website if you have no experience in doing so. It is always beneficial to research into your niche before beginning a website, to see what is out there. You need to explore the world wide web to understand what works and what doesn’t work. This is to ensure the website you have created is not going to go down the same route as those who have previously failed. Research more and save more time.

Fetch helpful information about the topic of one way links – make sure to go through the webpage. The times have come when proper info is truly only one click away, use this opportunity.

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