Seven Excellent Things Great SEO Clients Do

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What? You mean there is such a thing as a bad client? No way! Of course this statement is complete sarcasm. The truth of it as we all know there is a good client and a bad client. A good client when talking about SEO is one that educates themselves to know what the SEO needs. Often times the client involvement can make or break a campaign. A passive client will often wonder what is going on when nothing is happening. The SEO can only know as much as the client gives him/her.
Here are Seven items that a good SEO client does:

1. Get Involved

A client that gets involved in their SEO campaign will help the SEO professional know and understand what key terms and phrases to utilize to leverage a long-term strategy. A lot of the time the SEO is left on an island to fend for themselves, this is not the best strategy to employ. The client must remain in communication and help the SEO leverage the best terms and phrases for their business. Nobody knows the business better than the owner or someone able to manage and thus the owner or manager should be helping to leverage the highest results.

A client who is not involved in the decision making process is really nothing more than a pay cheque to the SEO. Great SEO clients help and assist the SEO in their directions.

2. Trust your SEO

If you are certain that the SEO you hired is a professional and you’ve done your due diligence you should certainly trust what the SEO has to say. They are the professionals. Taking the SEO professional’s advice will often lead to higher returns for you. If you try to sound like you know what you are talking about and the SEO does what you tell them you will only hurt your own bottom line. When you sign into an SEO contract you are not simply signing into a service, you are signing into a business relationship that must be upheld on both ends. Be sure you are aware of what the SEO is capable of and willing to do within’ a scope of work contract.

3. Asking for Advice

If you are doing anything with your website, you should ask your SEO for advice on any modifications or changes that you plan to make. See how those changes will affect the work of the SEO. If you are not sure about something on your website ask your SEO about how it will affect the work completed. If changes are made without consulting the SEO first you could be completely wiping out the SEO’s work and again, this will hurt your bottom line. As a client you need to be sure that the changes you want to make will not have long-term negative results. A good SEO client will seek the SEO’s advice before doing any form of modification to their website, weather is be minor or major.

4. Question Recommendations

If your SEO is making a certain recommendation by all means ask why, understand why the SEO wants to make certain changes or do something a certain way. There is usually a logical and beneficial reason to doing something a certain way. Understanding the process and how to move ahead the most efficiently will only benefit everyone!

5. Implementing Recommendations

After questioning and understanding it is up to the client to make sure any changes and modifications to an SEO campaign are completed. There are times that direction is lost in translation and although the SEO wrote it down comprehended the changes/modifications or suggestions in a completely different manner. Clients that leave long lists sitting uncompleted or completed incorrectly as to their specifications have to business complaining about SEO performance in a campaign.

6. Measure Results

It is not the SEO’s job to sell. It is the SEO’s job to bring targeted traffic to your website. The website should be sufficient enough with content to sell for you. The SEO can bring thousands of people to the doorstep but if the content on the site is not sufficient the conversion cannot happen. If an SEO campaign is not working the first place to look is at the content of the site. Perhaps it is too complicated or perhaps the path to get to conversion is too long. The SEO can help you understand the process of this. As a client you need to be aware that #1 position does not always relate to conversions either.

7. Pay on Time

Don’t really need to go into this one, but the nuts and bolts of it are that we all run businesses and everyone wants their customers to pay on time. The SEO is there to help your business succeed and they cannot do that if they are not getting paid on time.

No SEO or client wants a campaign to fail. There are circumstances where the client insists on certain items being completed a certain way and they do not take the SEO’s advice and in this way the client ends up getting in their own way to success. As long as the client will listen to the SEO and their professional opinion, in most cases this will result in results that will relate back to ROI.

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Business Promotion Your Competitor Uses 0

**Does your nearest competitor seem to be doing better than you?**

If so then they could be promoting their business differently to you. Do your promotions consist mainly of advertising and maybe leaflet drops?

You see, these traditional methods can work to some degree but true business promotion is different to traditional advertising.

I have seen business promotion described as ‘the activity of informing, persuading and influencing the customers’ purchase decisions’. I would say that is advertising.

No, business promotion is exactly what it states, a method of promoting your business not a means of selling your products.

**What’s the difference?**

Selling your products is a one off affair with a hit or miss chance of your customer returning and making repeat purchases.

Business promotion, on the other hand, consists of identifying your customer, informing them of your business and products then, and this is where it is different to advertising, you ensure they remember you and your business. This last point is probably more important than making a sale, initially.

Obviously you want to make sales but on your first contact, with a customer, you want them to like you and your business and want to return to you again and again. If this means missing that initial sale then that is how it has to be.

If you feel that your product or service isn’t what your prospective customer is looking for then it is far better to recommend them to another business, that can help them with their immediate requirements, rather than persuade them to buy a product from you that they do not need.

By offering advice, at a loss to you, your prospect is far more likely to remember you and eagerly return to you when they believe your services are more suited to their needs.

I digress slightly here but the point to remember is that getting new customers is difficult and can be costly. Therefore, once you have them look after and nurture them. Now back to business promotion.

Do you now see how advertising is just a method of attracting new customers whereas business promotion not only attracts new customers but also lets them know more about you, your business and how you can be a useful supplier to their needs.

**So how can you correctly promote your business?**

Everything that informs people about you and your business whilst at the same time conveying a good image is business promotion.

However to really make your business promotion effective you should make it stand out and offer your prospect something positive and outstanding to remember you by.

Look at Richard Branson and how he has promoted his business, Virgin.

* First he gets noticed by attempting record breaking adventures.

* Whether its a boat or a balloon his company’s name appears in very large letters across the bulk of his craft.

* The activities, he takes part in, create human interest, newsworthy, stories that are covered worldwide.

* During the inevitable, pre-event and after event, interviews he is always smiling and comes across as a friendly, likeable, person.

* In addition to all this he is well known for his customer fairness and staff parties.

So, I propose you go out and get yourself a very big balloon and then…

Seriously, unless you are promoting a multi-million dollar business you needn’t go quite that far. There are lessons to be learned from Richard though.

**For your business promotion activities:-**

* Treat yourself and your business as one. Always be recognized as the owner of your business. In this way promoting either yourself or your business brings recognition to your business.

* Participate in projects that will get you, and hence your business, noticed in a positive way. Look for events that will get news coverage, even if its just your local newspaper.

* Display your business name where ever possible but always make certain it is seen in a positive, helpful way. For instance, only display your company name on your vehicle if your vehicle is kept immaculate. A dirty car with your business name on it will do more harm than good.

* Create and maintain a personal image that will appeal to your prospective customers. An image that will include honesty, fairness and a helpful nature.

* Build friendships with all your business contacts. Help them, where ever possible, and you will be the first name they think of when talking to their contacts about your type of business or service.

* Some of your contacts may write newsletters or attend or present seminars. Just one mention of your business in one of these outlets could bring you a lot of attention. The ultimate to this is to belong to a Mastermind group of people in your industry.

**In conclusion** business promotion is more than just advertising and it is far more effective in the long term.

Don’t look on visitors to your business as customers but as long term clients.

Look after them, treat them well and give free advice, help and even the odd, low cost, product occasionally.

You are your business and your business is you, ensure you both project an honest, fair and helpful image.

Display your business name and image where ever and when ever possible as long as it gives a positive image.

Build friendships with contacts and influential people within your industry and try to join a Mastermind group.

Finally, don’t think advertising, think promotion. There’s a subtle difference but it’s a difference worth knowing.

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Website Designing – Consider Top 20 Dos And Don’ts To Create Successful Sites 0

Excellent web design is central to your website’s success. An effective design can expand your client base and increase profitability. Conversely, if the design is poor, it would repel the users even if you have wonderful products and service.

Consider the following dos and don’ts when designing your website to turn it into a profit center for your business:

Top 10 Dos of website design

1. Do simplify onsite search and navigation. It should be easy to search information on you site. All pages also need to have the key links to information that would enhance the user experience. Any useful information should not be more that two or three clicks away else you risk losing the user. You would ensure repeat visits from your customers if you save them time by offering fast navigation and speedy access to information they are looking for.

2. Do keep your website content simple and easy to understand. Develop clear, effective and to-the-point content to capture customer attention and help them comprehend better what you have to offer. Develop content such that it keys in on customer problems and offers effective solutions to them.

3. Do give your site a consistent look and feel. Creating a consistent look and feel for your whole website through the use of similar fonts, colors and layouts is a must to give it a professional look. This is especially important with regards to the interlinked pages.

4. Do make sure your website works well on multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, for greatest impact. If you plan to make your site available on mobile phones then include testing on mobile browsers to your test plan.

5. Do include your contact information on every page. List your physical address including other contact information like phone and email on the ‘Contact Us’ page. It is also important to list phone and email at the bottom of each page for easy accessibility.

6. Do ensure that each page has the most relevant information at the top of the page so that the user knows precisely what the page is about and if they want to scroll down or not.

7. Do use high-quality pictures and graphics. Keep a good balance between the image resolution and time to load them. High quality graphics will attract users but would be a turn off if they take too long to load.

8. Do use bullets, icons, boldface and italicized words, color and headline to attract customer attention to crucial segments of your content.

9. Do make sure that your security and privacy policy are easily visible to customers and stated in clear terms. Take all important steps to make your website secure for customers.

10. Do use clear and concise page titles. Site visitors see web page title in search results and clear effective titles can considerably increase the traffic coming to your website.

Top 10 Don’ts of website design

1. Don’t clutter your website. Unorganized web pages are hard to read and navigate. Limit the amount of information you present on each page. Each page should preferably deal with only one topic, product or category.

Any advertisement on the web pages must be non intrusive else the site visitors would leave and most likely not return for a repeat visit.

2. Don’t make excessive use of bandwidth consuming audio and video features, such as graphics, animations and photos. These can make your pages slow to load, annoying the customers and deterring website usage.

3. Don’t use text and color combination that makes content difficult to read. Additionally, don’t include distracting visuals on your web pages.

4. Don’t add any information or features to the site that do not serve the expected purpose. It would be a waste of time for your visitors to use features or browse information that does not carry any meaning for them.

5. Don’t let the content of the links get stale. Periodically refresh the content and update the links to relevant information. Out-of-date links are annoying and can seriously affect your business reputation.

6. Don’t stuff the site with technical terms or jargon unless your website is designed to address the needs of a small segment of technical people. Moreover, do not use conflicting information in your site. In addition to confusing customers, such information gives a highly negative and unprofessional image to your website.

7. Don’t use flashing icons and text as that can distract browsers and may be detrimental to the popularity of your website.

8. Don’t fill up your web pages with advertisements. Also, keep a check on pop-ups as they can irritate prospects.

9. Don’t include introductory advertisements on the first page before your web content is displayed. Such advertisements put customers in a sore mood even before they see your content.

10. Don’t just brag about your company’s achievements. Provide your users easy to digest information and back it up with references and customer testimonials to permit them to judge your performance.

Follow the dos and stay away from the don’ts to design an effective website, and greatly increase the probability of successful web entrepreneurship.

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Become Successful With Graphic Design Techniques 0

By using the internet you will find many tutorials out there, which help you learn the basics in graphic design. However you have to be creative, to allow your designs to differentiate from others, giving it that unique touch. Anyone can follow a tutorial but you must go beyond the basics if you want to be successful. Any customer can be affected by poor graphic deign, which makes it even more important to make the website eye catching and different from others. Graphic design production includes colours, images, text and drawing. The graphic design process is a team effort between yourself and the company you are designing for.

You need to be aware that graphic design does not just involve drawing, photoshoping images and being good with colours, if you want to earn a living with a graphic design career. You need to think more objectively about things, including the projects you are dealing with. By analyzing the work of others, you can gain fresh ideas. This makes graphic design college particularly useful to start with.It is not all bad as you are always being faced with new challenged, which can prove to be exciting for those who like challeneges.

Before you start any project there are a few things you should consider doing first. Below you will find a few stages which are important to consider:

It is important to start off with a meeting to discuss where the customer wants to go with their website. These meetings can help you both to set deadlines and organize your priorities. Meetings can demonstrate a professional and organized approach to the customer. It is very important to get as much graphic design information, out of your customer as possible. Asking them to bring in examples of work, which they rate highly, can be highly beneficial.

Researching is very important in more ways than one. You can generate some great ideas by researching into Graphic design brochures and other materials, to help give you ideas. By carrying out research into what the company you are designing for offers, it can help you to understand the design which will be most suited. Find out what they specialize in and features that might stand out. This will help you to design images, texts and colours suitable to the website. You should never stop analyzing the work of others, as new ideas always come about. Without the research you will find it very difficult to gain any new ideas yourself.

Conceptualizing is another stage, beneficial to you. This is where you transform your ideas into graphical forms, using information you have gathered. Using pictures, colours and videos you can generate a new design for the business. You may also want to look at targeting a specific niche.

Graphic design is far from easy. Each project you work on should be given a unique design. This is the only way your designs will stand out from the others.

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Build Links With Affordable Seo Services 0

Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services are very crucial in today’s competitive world. It is important to create presence online as well as offline. This means that, no matter what the size of your business is, you have to seek popularity through both the mediums, online and offline. There are different techniques and tools for online and offline marketing.

Online marketing includes affordable search engine optimization services and employs different tools for SEO. Offline marketing includes print, media and other innovative methods like survey, etc. The role of marketing and advertising cannot be eliminated from a business. In this article, we shall discuss the different techniques and tools of internet marketing and its advantages.

Online Marketing Techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This is a vast concept and it involves various tools for online marketing. Typically, SEO service aims at improving your search engine results. When a prospective customer types certain keywords in the search engine, the engine looks for websites with similar words and displays the links to these sites on the search result page.

Prospective customers will likely click on the link that appears at the top of the page. Hence, websites prefer to be ranked high on the search result page. A top ranking enables them to attract more visitors to their site. The more the number of eyeball hits they get, the better it is.

Apart from link building, there are other tools available with affordable search engine optimization services. These tools include domain name optimization, high quality back links, and keyword rich articles and so on. Whether it is a law firm SEO requirement or a small business SEO requirement, you can expect to improve your business with these techniques.

Search Engine Marketing: SEM too employs techniques that can help you promote the business online. It includes pay per click, pay per sale, and affiliate marketing, banner ads and so on. This method of online publicity creates awareness among masses and has a wider reach. The Internet can help you plan strategies for niche marketing. You can opt for affordable search engine services for a specific target audience.

Advantages Of SEO

Competitive Edge: In a tough competitive environment where survival is difficult, online marketing gives you an edge above your competitors. It gives you popularity and recognition in the market.

Attracting Potential Buyers: When a customer looks for information related to your product or service, he/she will type some keywords in the search engine. If you are equipped with SEO content then their search result will lead them to your website link. The more the number of prospective buyers you have, the higher is the rate of conversion.

Measurement Tool: Affordable search engine optimization services will enable you to measure the performance of your business. You can generate search engine reports, check the website statistics, visitor’s conversion rates and keep a tab on key business indicators.

Interactive Tool: You can involve prospective customers by introducing online contests or survey’s on your website. It enables you to interact directly with the customers.

SEO has many uses and advantages. Its role is indispensable in today’s competitive environment. If you haven’t hired a professional for these services then hire them soon.

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SEO Tutorial – Getting Quality Inbound Links And Seo 0

It’s the dream of every online blogger to be the acknowledged king of the hill. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), to be king of the search engine hill is to have as many people link your site to theirs. One-way.

Search engine optimization is a method of preparing a site for high ranking in search engine queries. Methods on optimization vary between legitimate ways like continually improving content relecvancy and ease of navigation to tricks like keyword stuffing, link farming, etc.

The term used for people to have your site linked to theirs one-way is to have an inbound link. With search engine giants like Google and its PageRank system, it places significant value on the number of links pointed to your site because it is considered a vote of confidence and relevance by that site.

As stated by Google: “In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B.” And a large vote of confidence online not only means fame but most likely even fortune. This is because the relevancy of a site causes it to rank higher in the search engine search strings, attracting more attention from consumers and attracting revenue from companies willing to pay to appear on the same site.

In effect, one-way inbound links are now as good as gold.

So far, there are five effective ways to acquire inbound links:

1. Wait for Offers. The normal way of getting inbound links. This method is the most ethical of the strategies. This methods banks on the fact that if the site has great content that is constantly fresh and interesting, with a navigation system that does not require rocket science, people will eat it up. Offers will come of their own volition. Then you get your links.

2. Play Musical Chairs. A devious way of getting inbound links using reciprocation with a twist. Reciprocation is the most common form of getting links which doesn’t hold much water with page ranking systems of search engines.

Normally search engines can detect reciprocal links, but if reciprocation is layered, i.e. indirect, it takes the engine much more work to detect it, requiring more complex algorithms. The price for doing this trick is steep, though. You have to have more than one website. Some people make a pretty penny putting up links one-way.

3. Apply for Inbound Links. Yes, it’s not a crime to promote your site. You can submit your site for review at people-run directories whose interests run into the subject matter of your site.

If the world wide web is the analogy of the earth, a directory can be best described as a town, where almost everybody knows each other. Any new arrival gets a thorough once-over and the whole town votes to see if you can get to stay.

4. Links for Sale. Some high-ranking sites are willing to sell their outbound links to the highest bidder. Sites that are popular with PageRank or other search engine ranking systems use this extra capacity for extra income sometimes.

However, the drawback to this is that the sites are only mercenary, selling their sites for rent. You have no link-equity other than the amount of cash you shell out to keep on existing on their site. Search engines such as Google are actively trying to dampen these efforts as it degrades the relevance of their search engine results.

5. Be Generous, Distribute Content. Of all the strategies stated, this is a highly effective method of getting better quality, legitimate one-way links. You give other websites a reason to put a link on their sites to point in your direction.

All sites are always looking for fresh content for their sites. A site cannot expect to stay number one in relevancy if they just keep on refreshing the content of their sites once every month. Most of the time these sites will even pay for fresh online content to a slew of writers. For a discounted offer, you can have a “about the author” link posted on the site with your own content. Be creative. The key is to make it mutually beneficial.

Ultimately, with a little patience, elbow grease, and luck. It pays to just be honest and stick with the stuff you like to talk about. You don’t regret eating up the time and you enjoy the process.

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