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Hundreds and thousands of people have made use of the Internet in a variety of ways, each in an attempt to subjugate its great power and potential to give profit and gain to users and businessmen. However, alongside the aims of these hardworking innovators and entrepreneurs are people who simply want to extort as much money from people in exchange for dubious products and services.

Web content is brought to a potential user by means of either direct recall of a particular service provider’s website, or by blind searches done on various Internet search engine platforms made available by Internet software giants. By entering words, known as “keywords” relevant to the desired information, product, or service, into the search field, users can employ these blind searches to look for content closest to what they are looking for.

As is the practice, a search engine usually produces a list of websites matching the keywords provided by the user to a degree of relevance. These are ranked by relevance, quality of content, and sometimes, ‘visitor votes” that come in the form of a measure of frequency of visits by people who usually find the content useful to them.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a method used by many businesses and entrepreneurs online in order to maximize the potential of the search engine by helping them rise in the ranks of the query response listings. SEO usually deals with organic searches, or those that need no payment to be listed among the list of likely matches to a client’s keywords, as well as crawler search engines, which are search engines that literally crawl through web pages in search of relevant links and relations between pages in order to find relevant content.

Dubious figures in the Internet, however, have made use of the Internet to forward their own selfish desires, leading to an unethical use of the brilliant SEO model. This has led to a divergent field of SEO, called “black hat SEO”. In this method, various deceptive schemes are used in order to manipulate search engines and dupe customers by providing them with websites that are completely useless. This method is also called ‘spamdexing”.

Ethical SEO techniques also exist in the Internet. Before even going into details, the most important ideal behind ethical SEO techniques is in providing better service to clients, and allowing this satisfaction to become key in promoting the website.

What does it take for a method to become an ethical SEO technique?

There are various ways under the central guideline to achieve them.

The first one is creating quality content for the users. After all, no ethical SEO technique tries to get the better of any customer, or even harm them to the slightest extent. By providing quality content, users receive useful, timely, and secured information when they need it.

In order for that to be achieved, no amount of exaggeration or manipulation of the nature and content of the website is done to lead customers into believing that it contains the website relevant to their query. Ethical SEO does not employ any method that will mislead the customer into a site, and even offend the customer once he or she has found his or her way into the website.

Moreover, ethical SEO techniques do not, in any way, violate any laws as regards intellectual property rights, international law, or spamming laws implemented at every level of every way. This would include not claiming for their own products and services that are not theirs to sell or produce just so they can fool users into providing sensitive information through which they can extort money.

A website employing ethical SEO techniques will never try to exaggerate and reflect a company’s image any more than how it should be portrayed; doing so, in effect, manipulates the customer into trusting a company based on falsity.

Relevant to various security issues existent on the Internet, one last measure of how ethical a SEO technique is lies in the protection of its customers on the basis of privacy agreements. In providing the service sought by the client, ethical SEO techniques protect the confidentiality and sensitivity of the information made known to them in confidence by their clients.

Both goals aim to achieve the same end of profit. However, the road diverges and one must pick one over the other. In the end, ethical SEO techniques allow for users to maximize the profit they pay without impinging on the rights of other people an manipulating others; this by far is the best option to go.

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Проблемы и решения в Web-дизайне

111 CSS-галерей и сайтов для раскрутки дизайна

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Vancouver Web Design

The Peculiarities Of Google Search Result Page 0

It is not a secret that Google offers a great chance to get free listing to small businesses and as a result you are going to be found at the top of the search results. In case we talk about Google’s local business center we mean Local Google Advertising. In case you are not aware of the look of Google search page then pay attention to the following information. First of all, the listings that are on the right part are considered to be paid advertisements and in most of the cases they are called sponsored links. If to talk about the main body of the search result page then you have to remember that usually it is called “organic” or “natural” search listings. You can also find paid advertisements on the top of colored text. Google Local Business Listings are situated above the organic listing.

In case you pay attention to the listings you will notice associated map since recently Google utilized existing infrastructure of Google maps to make sure that local businesses are implemented. It is believed that that Google provides with that service for free and as a result it also offers a location on the first page above the organic listings because Google’s AdWords Programs are extremely popular in recent time.

AdWords is considered to be PayPerClick advertising system that has keyword and different keyword phrases bid on in auction system. AdWords have become extremely popular and as a result priced smaller stores and at the same time popped a lot of out because the price of the keywords is escalating. At some stage Google became fearful that the search results will present only rich and famous and reflect only what they want to see on Google.

In order to determine which site should rank higher than the others Google uses special computer program algorithm that is based on different factors. At the same time you have to remember that listings are always kept accurate and current. What is more, algorithm is considered to be guarded secret. In that case Search Engine Optimization Consultants try to find out what Google likes or does not like paying special attention to the behavior of search results.

Google Maps algorithm is particularly different algorithm. In case you want to update it then you have to take some time and efforts. In case your customers will leave glowing of the product you present then without doubts your site is going to climb in rank. Since you have a chance to use not more than 1o photos presenting your product then you have to make sure that you use as many of these slots as possible. Pay special attention to that information and very soon you are going to improve your business and get more and more customers.

It has become a common thing now that SEO and making money online go hand in hand. Interested in SEO, then you might want to look through how to increase your ranking and position. Check out this Dominating Google site to get known about SEO and to receive a small surprise – Dominating Google coupon.

And a final piece of advice – today the Internet technologies give you a really unique chance to choose exactly what you require at the best terms which are available on the market. Strange, but most of the people don’t use this opportunity. In real life it means that you must use all the tools of today to get the information that you need.

Search Google or other search engines. Visit social networks and check the accounts that are relevant to your topic. Go to the niche forums and join the online discussion. All this will help you to build up a true vision of this market. Thus, giving you a real chance to make a smart and nicely balanced decision.

And also we would advise you to subscribe to the RSS on this blog since we will do the best to keep this blog tuned up to the day with new Dominating Google review and publications about other important issues.

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Adsense Fundamentals 101 Start Making Money With Adsense 0

Adsense is considered as one of the vital powerful software in a web site publisher’s arsenal. It permits an individual to monetize their sites quickley and easily. If used correctly, it Should generate a very giant and substaintial earnings for them. Nevertheless if you’re not utilizing them successfully and just maximizing the earnings you squeeze from it, you’re really leaving a lot of money on the table. One thing most people I do know hate doing.

How you can begin earning money with Adsense can be carried out easily and quickly. You can be amazed at the outcomes you’ll be getting in such a short period of time.

Begin by writing some quality content articles which are also key phrase incorporated. There are rather a lot people who are excellent with words. Writing comes straightforward for them. Why not make it work in such a means that you may be earning some additional money in the process.

There are actually three steps before you begin writing your advertisements and having an efficient Adsense campaign.

Key phrase search. Find or discover some fashionable subject,key phrases or phrases. Choose the ones which you suppose has more folks clicking through. This is actually a keyword selector and suggestion tool that some sites are offering to those who are simply their Adsense business.

Writing articles. Begin writing authentic content material with key phrases from the subjects that you have achieved in your search. Take note that serps are taking satisfaction in the quality of their articles and what you’ll be writing ought to keep up with their standards.

High quality content site. Build a quality content material web site included with Adsense ads that’s focusing on the subject and key phrases of your articles and websites. That is the place all that you’ve got carried out initially will go to and this is also the place they may prove their value to you.

The right positioning of your adverts must be done with care. Try to place your adverts the place surfers are almost certainly to click on on them. In response to research, the one place that surfers look first when they visit a sure site is the highest left. The explanation behind this isn’t known. Maybe it is as a result of some of the most helpful search engine results are at the high of all different rankings. So surfers tend to look in that same place when looking through other sites.

Some of those who are simply beginning at this enterprise might imagine they are doing fairly well already and pondering that their clickthrough charges and CPM figures are fairly healthy. Nonetheless, there are more strategies and types to generate extra clicks to double your earnings. By knowing these strategies and working them to your benefit, you will notice that you will be getting thrice more than other individuals who have been previously doing what they’re doing.

Lastly Adsense has some superb monitoring statistics that allows site owners and publishers to trace their outcomes throughout quite a few website by website, web page by page, or another foundation you wanted. You ought to be aware oft his functionality and profit from it as a result of it is one powerful device that may allow you to find out which ads are performing best. This manner, you possibly can superb tune your Adsense adverts and focus extra on the ones being visited probably the most fairly than those that are being ignored.

One other thing you need to know. Banners and skyscrapers are dead. Ask the experts. So higher neglect about banners and skyscrapers. Surfers universally ignore these kinds of advert formats. The reason behind that is that they are acknowledged as an advert and advert are hardly ever of any curiosity and that’s why folks ignore them.

To actually begin earning money with Adsense, it is best to have a particular focus on what you wished to realize and the way you will go about reaching them. As with any other sort of enterprise ventures, time is needed coupled with patience.

Do not just ignore your Adsense after you have completed undertaking them. Spare a while, even an hour, making adjustments to the Adsense advertisements on your sites to quickly set off your Adsense income.

Give it a go and you would not remorse having gotten into Adsense within the first place.

Bill Luszey

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Employing A Clever Colour Plan – Important In Wise Web Design 0

The colour scheme of your site defines the success of the look of the site more than any other element in the design. It is this combination of colours that is on the screen that gives the right balance. Not enough and too plain and the site is boring. Too numerous and too contrasting and the site will be shocking. Likewise, only select a few colours that do not go together well and it is a disaster.

A design I have been working on recently showed this turnaround very dramatically. The client had chosen a shade of green as the main background area and the web site laid out nicely, but it just did not look right so I suggested a slightly lighter shade of green. And this seemingly minor change took the web site from dismal to very sensible and clean looking and suddenly a web site to be proud of.

And this is because layout aside, certain colours work well in bulk and certain colours do not. A black background could be very striking and contemporary looking as might certain greys. But the wrong grey will not work and becomes dirty and strange looking.

I do not intend going into complicated lists of colour shades that do and don’t work together because it is not just the colours but the exact shades that matter. Dark and mid blues can work very well on a site and the more paler blues work equally well on other websites, but they all have their own complimentary colour palettes to work with.

You could look about in every day life from decor, logos, other web-sites and printed matter to see various colour combinations in use. And whilst doing this, think of how the colour palette is being used. Certain colour palettes suit lively and bright situations. Yellow and greens combined can work well, but the brightness is often associated with workers in emergency situations where they need to stand out!

Looking at nature, look at the plants with their green stems and the colours of their flowers that look so beautiful on top. You might find a nice blue shade on clematis or white on lilies. This might give you several ideas for colours and highlights.

Picking the colour plan for your website is very difficult. If you have already had a logo designed then that at least does give several colours that you are going to be starting with, but it is highly prospective that you will need to investigate other colours that you can add to the screen to form highlight and to break up the screens.

Trying to work out the colour scheme is no simple job, but it is impending that if you are not 100% delighted with the look of the finished site then one or more of the colours need changing slightly. Choose a clever colour plan for your site and you will end up with a smart looking web site.

Written by Keith Lunt, who offers a web design Formby service. For more useful tips, call into the web design blog.

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Guaranteed SEO For A Top 10 Ranking 0

How can SEO firms guarantee top 10 rankings while others bulk at even the notion that the SEO client should get anything in return other than a statement of work and at the end of the month some fancy reporting about hours spent on link building, article submission and other seemingly important search engine optimization tasks. The truth as always is between the two different camps of SEO firms who either guarantee top 10 ranking or don’t. So, why some SEO companies offer performance guarantee, while other SEO companies don’t?

Before start our investigation, we have to set some ground rules here of course to make sure we compare only reputable SEO companies with at least 3 plus years in business and a customer portfolio of at least 2-3 dozen clients a year. Oh, and of course the SEO companies we compare have all achieved decent rankings results for their clients and their clients would not hesitate in recommending them to their friend, business partners or family members. Now that we got these important benchmark out of the way, let’s examine what is at the heart of the SEO guarantee and the sometimes very heated discussions surrounding it.

The issue is quite simply trust. The trust by the clients placed into the hands of the SEO companies to do the best they can to achieve the first page ranking results they were hired to deliver. So, it comes down to which company can sound more convincing on their website touting their SEO services with fancy graphics, customer case studies, testimonials, badges of affiliations with SEO organizations and being member of better business bureau. But does this really make a difference in how competent a SEO company is?

If the company can’t convey enough trust to the potential SEO client on their website, they might as well close the shop, but sadly even when a potential clients feel in their gut there is something inherently wrong with forking money over for services that don’t have a tangible outcome, they still sign on the dotted line. How sad, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You have the right to demand to know what your hard earned dollars buy. So, here is where the guaranteed SEO services can truly make or break a deal from a reputable SEO company, but there is more to a SEO guarantee, than simply writing a few over used slogans on a webpage and hope visitors will listen. These are the criterias you should use to hire an SEO firms who guarantees results in writing.

Get references from as many previous SEO clients as you can. The SEO company should give you a list of previous clients’ contact information cheerfully and with lots of pride. After all they are going to be only as good as the last client they have dealt with. The most important questions to ask previous clients is, how long it took the SEO company to achieve the results and were they able to hold onto those rankings long term.
No money up front. You should not pay a dime for any type of setup costs or other silly administration costs. It takes nothing more than 1 hour for seasoned SEO to come up with a thorough analysis of your site and to create a proposal for you. The cost of this should be not be coming out of your pocket, so never every pay for any type of site review or report up front.
Specific ranking results for Google. Google is still the king of the online searches with over 60% of the total worldwide search market and you should not accept a guarantee that includes any mention of Yahoo or Bing (MSN,Live) in the contract. You should simply say you are only interested in Google natural results.
Verify rankings independently. Always find out what type of ranking report generation tool the SEO company will use. The rankings have to be checked daily and a history of the rankings must be available to you at any time.
What constitutes a SEO guarantee being fulfilled? In other words how many days of the month do the rankings have to in the top 10 or top 5 for the ranking guarantee to be fulfilled. Ask for a minimum of 15 days of each calendar month for the site to be in the top 10 or top 5.
Don’t pay for all the SEO fees when the rankings are achieved in the first month. Once you agree on the total SEO fees, you should demand that you pay over a minimum of 6 months as long as the site remains on the first page of Google during that period. If the site drops from Google’s first page for more than 15 days in the previous calendar month you should not have to pay and roll the contract term forward another month.
Ask them how much their maintenance plan will cost you, once they achieved the top rankings and the contract expired. Be careful if the SEO company wants to charge you the same rates they charged to get you on the first page of Google in the first place. The link building and optimization effort needed will be substantially costly and you should get a decent break on the SEO fees, if you choose to extend it.
Transparency of what they plan to do to get you on the first page of Google. Ask very direct questions if it’s not spelled out already in their statement of work or contract, what methods will be used to get you in the top 10 on Google. If all you see in the contract is optimizing page content and some directory submissions, it’s most likely not going to get you what you want. You want to see in the contract specific references to one-way permanent link building, not rented, permanent links only. Ask them for a sample of links they have acquired for other SEO clients.

SEO can be extremely effective to increase leads, sales, whatever you objective may be, but too many times decision makers in businesses blindly accept SEO contract terms put in front of them simply because they don’t know the questions they should ask. It’s your duty to exercise due diligence and part of your research when choosing a SEO provider is to know what you get in return for your money, and what are your options if the promised results are not achieved.

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WordPress : Displaying Your Most Commented Posts 0

Though this isn’t quite the same as displaying your most popular posts in your sidebar, here is some code you can use to display the posts that have received the most comments.  You’ll want to place it in your sidebar where you want the code to be displayed.

Most Commented Posts Code

Go into your theme files and go to header.php file.   Somewhere within the </head> you’ll want to place the following code:

&amp;lt;?php most_popular_posts($no_posts = 5, $before = '&amp;lt;li&amp;gt;', $after = '&amp;lt;/li&amp;gt;', $show_pass_post = false, $duration='') {
global $wpdb;
$request = &quot;SELECT ID, post_title, COUNT($wpdb-&amp;gt;comments.comment_post_ID) AS 'comment_count' FROM $wpdb-&amp;gt;posts, $wpdb-&amp;gt;comments&quot;;
$request .= &quot; WHERE comment_approved = '1' AND $wpdb-&amp;gt;posts.ID=$wpdb-&amp;gt;comments.comment_post_ID AND post_status = 'publish'&quot;;
if(!$show_pass_post) $request .= &quot; AND post_password =''&quot;;
if($duration !=&quot;&quot;) { $request .= &quot; AND DATE_SUB(CURDATE(),INTERVAL &quot;.$duration.&quot; DAY) &amp;lt; post_date &quot;;
$request .= &quot; GROUP BY $wpdb-&amp;gt;comments.comment_post_ID ORDER BY comment_count DESC LIMIT $no_posts&quot;;
$posts = $wpdb-&amp;gt;get_results($request);
$output = '';
if ($posts) {
foreach ($posts as $post) {
$post_title = stripslashes($post-&amp;gt;post_title);
$comment_count = $post-&amp;gt;comment_count;
$permalink = get_permalink($post-&amp;gt;ID);
$output .= $before . '&amp;lt;a href=&quot;' . $permalink . '&quot; title=&quot;' . $post_title.'&quot;&amp;gt;' . $post_title . '&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt; (' . $comment_count.')' . $after;
} else {
$output .= $before . &quot;None found&quot; . $after;
echo $output;
} ?&amp;gt;

If you’d prefer to display more than 5 posts, you can change the $no_posts = 5 code to whatever number you want to display.

Okay, now, you need to figure out where you want to display these most commented posts (usually the sidebar) and place the following code:

&amp;lt;?php most_popular_posts(); ?&amp;gt;

And as is usually the case, if you want something easier, you can always go with a plugin such as the Popularity Contest plugin.

To see other code that we’ve featured, check out our WordPress Code page.

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All You Need To Know About Web Taffic Control 0

The amount of traffic determined in a particular website will show its popularity over other sites. By evaluating the statistics of visitors, there is a possibility of locating the shortcomings of the site and improving it. This will encourage more visitors to view the site.

Nevertheless, it also needs necessary protection against harmful elements in the Internet. Therefore, in addition to encouraging site visitors, another factor to take care of is properly controlling the web traffic.

Limited Access

Most of the pages are accessible to the visitors. However, several sections need to be restricted, allowing only authorized people to visit such sections.

Examples of these sites are for downloading different genre of files such as music and movie files. Some sites are requiring the visitor to have their registration be completed before accessing its pages.

In case of online viewing subscription, visitors must have their own user name and identification number or password in order to gain access to the site’s pages. These kinds of sites are only allowing people who subscribed to their site’s services.

Increasing Web Traffic

Either there are “off-limit” segments in a particular site or “pay per view” sections, the main purpose of web sites is to gain popularity to web visitors. Even there is limited access, site administrators still formulate strategies to increase web traffic.

One of these strategies is by placing the site in popular search engines and purchase of advertisements such as pop-ups and bulk e-mail messages.

The site must be placed in the first page of the search engine. Remember that once the visitor already found one in the first page, the percentage of browsing the subsequent pages is getting lower.

Aside from proper placement of the site in search engines, other things can increase its web traffic. One way is by offering free e-books or articles. It can be used to build some links directly to that site. This can be done by sending e-mail to similar sites and asking if it is willing to be linked in that particular site.

Another is by writing to e-zines or to free article sites. It will be of great help in establishing a popular link directly to that particular site.

Paid Advertisement

There are sites that prefer advertising on other popular sites. It is usually called e-marketing. It takes the form of the following:

• Banner advertising. In most pages bears different banners of other sites. It is sold in thousands, and referred to as cost per impression (CPM). • Pay per clicks. These are keywords or key phrases that advertisers are providing to their clients. The visitors can only “click” and gain access to a particular page if he pays for it.

Pop-up advertisements are also form of advertising to attract more visitors in a site. However, most people consider it as a nuisance and bearers of different genres of viruses.

Traffic Overload

Too much web traffic can slow down or even facilitate total failure of access to a certain site. It is usually caused by huge volume of file requests going to the server than it can handle. It can annoy the visitors accessing to some vital information. It is a factor that every site administrator must be considered.

Aside from overloading, several programs force a particular site to close. One example is the denial of service attacks (DOS attacks). It works by attacking a computer system or network. It can result to loss of service to users.

It sends more requests in a site than the actual one it could handle. Viruses have also been used for large-scale DOS attacks.

A sudden explosion of publicity may also cause web traffic overload. Examples of these are quickly propagating e-mails and link from a popular site that can result to a sudden boost in visitors that overwhelms the site.

Some websites have been forced to close after sudden mass increase of traffic. The ones forced to close are particularly those run by individual charter the bandwidth from an Internet service provider or a hosting site.

There are also sites supported by large companies running such have also caught their own servers over popularity.

It is important that a site can handle possible web traffic problems. Anticipate its consequences or get the site close is the decision of the site administrator.

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Affiliate WordPress Theme Review 0

Affiliate marketing is the best way to gain a living. It is free of serving the customer. No merchant accounts. No dealing with products. You just simply move people from one place to another. Simply directing people who are looking to buy something to somewhere they can buy it and earning a commission as a thank you.

One of the unique and well known ways to run a website whether that site is a blog or a static one is using an Affiliate WordPress Theme. The plug-ins and themes that WordPress has tend to rank certainly in the search engines. The combination of ease of use, zero chargers to use the software and the way WordPress sites attract so many visitors makes it the perfect tool for affiliate marketers.

Here are some points of view about Affiliate WordPress Theme. Website should be created based on your specific niche or keyword phrase. The theme of your site should be connected with your content and keyword. Luckily adding content to WordPress sites is incredibly simple.

Several articles on sites have a contigency to be identifying by Google, Bing and Yahoo. And the more articles you have, the more potential traffic you have coming your way. If someone visits you websites after they found it on search engine you will then employ particular techniques and effort to influence them purchase something. When they do you get your payment.
Affiliate Theme by the team at Unique Blog Designs is a WordPress theme that allows you to quickly and easily setup affiliate sites without having to spend hours writing code or trying to put your creative talent or lack thereof to use.

The benefits of this type of website are obvious. They are easy to set up, easy to use and completely dynamic. The whole look of a blog can be changed in less than a minute by applying a new theme or swapping widgets around. Nothing is easier or more flexible.
An offer page is just a part of the equation. A clean code and optimization for search engines is what you need. A website that provides you to earn high quality scores fast like pay per click marketing is better if you wish to drive traffic on your site. The higher your quality score, the less your first page bids and the bigger your profit margin. Affiliate WordPress Theme can help you develop a powerful optimized offer pages fast!

As the growth of themes and widgets has increased, so have the uses for blogs increased. Gone are the days when a blog was simply an online journal. Now people are using blogs to create income from adverts, affiliate programs and other money making activities. This makes perfect sense as blogs can be easily tweaked and changed to account for changing public tastes, to respond to customers or simply to optimise the marketing effectiveness of the sales copy on the blog its-self.

It is a smooth design that is created fo online marketers. You can’t stand not to check this ool piece of code out if you are in the business of making money online.

It is easy enough to get commenced with Affiliate WordPress Theme because it is free. The real skill when it comes to WordPress affiliate marketing is figuring out how to attract enough visitors to make a healthy profit, and how to transform those visitors into clientele.

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Increase Website Profit Online With Online Seo And Marketing Content 0

You can easily increase you website profit online, if you have the right marketing content and use good online SEO to promote it. The benefit of good online search engine optimization is that it can earn you an avalanche of free traffic through high search engine listings, while at the same time pointing prospects to some good online marketing content.

The question is what is that content, and what online SEO should you be using? The answer to the first part of that question is obvious: the content you use must relate to the topic of your web page, and each web page must be optimized for one keyword, and one keyword only. Where most people fail with their online marketing is that they try to be all things to all people, and are not specific enough in targeting prospects to the right website pages.

To increase web profit online, it is essential that your marketing content is highly focused to the topic or product in hand, and that your online SEO is spot on, missing none of the elementary aspects of SEO, while taking advantage of the more advanced search engine optimization techniques that the vast majority either ignore or are unaware of. You can’t do much about other people’s ignorance, but you can sure take advantage of it!

Doing so, however, might take some specialized information on online SEO techniques and how to apply them to your advantage. You will no doubt be aware of the simple Meta tag rules, and how to use heading tags in your body content, but how are you with internal linking strategies, or being able to lead spiders by the nose around your whole website exactly as you want them to visit each page? No? Then you have a lot to learn.

Intimate knowledge and understanding of search engine optimization techniques such as the correct use of the ‘nofollow’ and ‘noindex’ tags can be critical to your success. The same is true of an understanding of latent semantic analysis and how Google is applying it to the Bigdaddy algorithm. How about the correct use of images, video and Flash? Are you fully conversant of how Google looks upon these? Probably not, because it might surprise you to know that Flash is not what is used to be in the eyes of Google spiders, and that the vast majority still does not know how to properly use images to their maximum benefit.

Marketing content is also very important, and writing articles is an excellent way to generate content both for your web pages and to use on article directories to advertise them. You will sell nothing if your web pages get no visitors, and two of the best ways to achieve that are to get a good listing on search engines for your main keyword and to publish articles that contain an advert for the relevant web pages in the author’s resource.

Marketing content can also be in the form of well written and SEO optimized articles, and in order to increase web profit online you must have good search engine optimized marketing content. Without that you are dead in the water, because your web pages will never be listed on Google, which is the most important of the search engines.

So, focus on your online SEO and your marketing content and you will increase your web profit online as a result of that. It is not as simple as you might have been led to believe, but if you can find the right mentor then you should find it a fairly simple task as long as you have a reasonable product and know how to market it online.

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