While it’s not possible to list all the great and dangerous things to contemplate whereas optimizing your site for search engines, I can list you the key strategies here. It’s most significant that you ought to avoid any type of Ban from search engines that can have a permanent scar on your websites reputation with search engines. It’s forever right to take the straight path with white hat SEO strategies, instead of taking the shortcut to success that will eventually lead to a ban on your website.

Let us begin with the good ones first. SEO could be a combination of OnSite and OffSite optimization. The Onsite optimization is the SEO job done on the web site itself like META Tags, content, keywords etc, whereas the OffSite optimization involves promoting your web site in the World Wide Net like obtaining relevant backlinks, obtaining your website reviewed etc. In this text we tend to will see the Do’s and Don’ts of Onsite Optimization.

The Do’s of Onsite Optimization

- Write unique Meta tags (Title, Desc, Keywords). If your web site may be a Dynamic website, request your programmers to dynamically generate the Meta Tags relevant to the page.
- Target long tailed keywords and have distinctive content with a median keyword density of three-five% of content.
- Name your folders together with your keywords, for e.g if you are selling supplements on-line, name your folders as “sports-supplements” rather than “merchandise”
- Make positive your content is one hundred% unique and have the keywords in it.
- Name the pictures together with your keywords
- The page names should have the keywords in it. If your web site is dynamic then use url rewrite.
- Use CSS and avoid tables. Once the location is completed read the page supply to test how readable it is. The page source is what the spiders crawl.
- Have a sitemap and 404 page with the links to all or any the pages on site.
- Attempt to avoid Flash and content inside Javascript. If it is necessary to own a flash website then have a html version as well.

The Don’ts

- Do Not, I repeat don’t try to trick search engines through doorway pages.
- Do Not use copied content
- Do Not use excessive keywords
- Do Not use hidden text to fool search engines.
- Do Not have duplicate pages, In the event of having the same content on 2 pages, strive to add new content on the second page in the shape of tips and tricks.
- Do Not use the identical META tags all over the positioning

Though there are abundant additional things to think about in Onsite Optimization, The above Do’s and Don’ts are the essential first steps in OnSite SEO. Good luck in your optimizing.

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