Analytics SEO recently conducted a survey on the behalf of marketing giant Thomson Local, the findings are shocking and showed that almost half company websites were seriously neglecting SEO and had only very rudimentary levels of optimisation both on and off page. Perhaps even more disconcertingly, smaller businesses were the worst of the bunch and around seventy percent of websites belonging to companies that employed fewer than fifty workers had next to no tangible optimisation to speak of.

Tracking software which amongst the SEO community is considered critical to track the performance of any campaign was also found to be alarmingly scarce, with only twenty six percent of business websites having any analytical software in place.

Meanwhile a separate investigation carried out by Comscore Study for IProspect and Searchandise Commerce reveals that online purchasing has now reached such a fertile level that 20% of all purchases now involve the internet, either to locate local stockists of goods for a physical store visit, or for online purchasing via e commerce. The conclusion is clear, seventy percent of all businesses are passing up one in five potential sales by neglecting to consider SEO Services as a basic component of their marketing strategy.

Search engine optimisation is statistically the highest return method of marketing on the planet, so why are so many businesses turning their back on SEO Services? Well some of these businesses have been left thinking that Search engine optimisation simply does not work, after having had a previous negative experience with a dishonest SEO company, others may simply believe that SEO is out of their price range and that they simply cannot afford to achieve first page rankings on google for relevant keywords. Both of these beliefs are erroneous. The reality is that Search engine marketing does work, and there are worthwhile keywords for nearly any niche that can be selected to meet not only a businesses target market, but also the fiscal limitations of their campaign budget.

Caution is urged whilst identifying an SEO company to manage your campaign. Like any other industry, and perhaps more so, there are rogue dealers who are more than happy to relieve you of your marketing budget by providing you with a plethora of hollow promises. And conversely, there are also many companies who are genuine and have the skills and sincerity to provide a indispensable service, only through diligence will you separate the two.

Ask to see client references, and then confirm their tenacity by contacting the clients in person, ask questions concerning the levels of communication, and how good the company is at clarifying technical jargon into understandable English. Ask about the return on investment that the company has experienced. Check that the company has provided you with samples of rankings they have accomplished for clients and that these rankings are for genuinely competitive terms not just for long tailed localized keywords with almost no competition, and finally check the rankings of the SEO companies own website, If you are happy with the responses that you get from the above questions the chances are that the firm you are considering provide services of a good quality.

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