How to Control your site’s page rank and its distribution?

Page Rank is a very important factor of a site’s SEO. Now the question is that how to control and transfer it. For this purpose there is a very important tag we have which is most of the time neglected by webmasters and beginers.
What is a nofollow attribute?

NOFOLLOW is an attribute of


tag which tells google not to index/follow a certain url/link it is applied to. Normally a link’s html code is written like this

<a href="member.php"> or <a href="" target="blank">Vancouver Web Design </a>.

This simple code will open a new window and open the site in it.
Important Point!!

* Google or other search engines will leave your site and move forward to that link.
* Every outgoing link like the one discussed above shares your Page Rank.

This means that this website takes a share of your page’s Page rank on which it is present. Now this is where nofollow helps u protect your site’s page rank and keep it for itself. Its written like this

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Vancouver Web Design</a>.

Now this tag tells google that do not follow this link!!.. Makes sense? Lets get into a little more details.

Taking an example of a page with some in links, and one outbound link. i will make it as simple as possible. This is how the link structure will look like.

Out Bound Link

Out Bound Link

In this Diagram:

P1 is your homepage

P’s are your site’s other pages.

Arrows are your Page Rank Flow/distribution

O is the outbound link.

This diagram shows that Page Rank of your domain is distributed among your pages and one Outbound link. Now what u need to understand is a very important thing. Page Rank distribution among your site’s pages is understandable because it will flow inside your site, but Page Rank flowing to another website is like a hole in a water tanker. Means your sharing your page rank with that website. In our Diagram’s case Page Rank shared with “O” will be redistributed with links on its site, which will result in low page rank of your site.

This is where nofollow comes in action. All you need to do is to add a rel=”nofollow” in that link structure. So your page rank wont be shared with anyother site.

Ok this was the control of page rank distribution with outbound links, external sites/pages. Now we will discuss that hwo can we improve our Site’s Page Rank by improving the inner structure of our links through NOFOLLOW.

ok i will suggest take a look at this website this site have about 100+ links on its homepage because of teh categories links generation.(left side art categories.). Every category links shares page rank of the homepage/domain and wastes it!!! Wastes it means that these are non seo friendly links. All the category links are point to a page called ymedia.php but having different actions , IDs for each category. For example:

Now as u can see that in this situation its just one page all the links are distributing the page rank to and that is ymedia.php but with different IDs and genre. That meas a total waste of Home Page’s Page Rank.
Important Action

* Add a rel=”nofollow” attribute in every url like mentioned above.
* Add a rel=”nofollow” attribute in every less important link.
* Add a rel=”nofollow” attribute in every unnecessary link, like for example a social bookmarklet link or img, feedback form page etc.

Very Important Online Examples and results:

1. , it is one of the leading bookmarking sites. You will notice that not even a single link on its homepage doesnt haev a nofollow attribute. All have it even to the inner pages, because the bookmarks, contents on teh homepage changes every minute. Thus as a result its domain have a page rank 8!!
2. , Same case as’s
3., Same case
4. , Each and every link you put on facebook, no matter where u put it, in notes, profiles, groups, pages all have a nofollow link.

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