Ok since i have been getting lots of questions from people regarding nofollow attribute. Well i hae a feeling that there is a little wrong perception of what NOFOLLOW really is.
Somebody just asked me that i want a certain page to not to be indexed in google so i page a nofollow to its links on my site. So would it not be indexed in google?
The truth is that if its in your sitemap and it have links on your pages even if its nofollow it can be indexed. So what does NOFOLLOW actually do ?
From last year’s google’s update its clear that NOFOLLOW links only stops the sharing of your page rank with that link page.
For example:
If i put a nofollow attribute to a subpage’s link on my homepage that means that it will have no share in my homepage’s page rank. Google decides itself that which page to rank and how much to rank. if u nofollow a page so google dont gives them the share of your rank and instead distribute’s the page rank with other links on your page.
Thats a reason social bookmarking sites put nofollow even to its own site pages. If u analyse www.delicious.com u will see that its homepage have each and every link nofollowed.
I hope it makes sense :)

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