Hey, fellow marketing folks! The word has been spread about the new service online that saves your time and money when you need a fresh unique content for your article marketing purposes. It reached my ears, so, needless to say, I rushed to check what’s there.

They call themselves Article Twin, which gives you an idea or article rewrites from the very start. We’ve heard of that already, didn’t we? Automated rewrites? Junk! Man made rewrites? Expensive! Rewrites as such? Why bother a t all if we spin those articles well enough. So, I was expecting a miracle here. Indeed, a miracle alone could have changed my attitude to anything that I’ve done myself before and that some one else now claims to have been optimized.

The miracle was pretty down to the ground and, I should admit, aesthetically good looking. Article Twin guys managed to get copywriters and SEO services‘ guys together via the extremely simple to use interface, the system that literally takes minutes to understand and few hours to start getting the results. And not an ugly web site too.

Now, the point that I didn’t feel was very convenient is the payment system: you’re paying with your internal account “money” and it can not be credited with Pay Pal or credit card directly. They use a currency called Web Money, I presume because these guys are from Europe, and it is more widely used there. So I spent a couple of hours dealing with opening an account in that payment system (thankfully, it is free) and transferring $40 there from my card, with the use of the third party service in Toronto.
Now I know there is a bunch of such third party exchange providers in the US too, but I somehow did it through Canada the first time.

Gosh, the prices are low there. Now, I used to work with a freelance writer a time ago, and he charged me about 20 bucks per 600 words article. Guess what. I paid $4.86 for almost the same size article at Article Twin. The very first experience was a hit. Got some junk articles from a couple of other authors later on though, but from 8 articles I ordered, 6 I would have been pleased to sent to get a Pulitzer award. LOL. Never the less – the quality was acceptable, so I decided to read more about the whole stuff and see why authors are not trying to cheat or push you some garbage content.

Apparently, copywriters are urged to provide high quality content only, because clients can vote per article, and if the vote is negative, that author simply gets banned from the client’s list and in this way looses an income channel. AND – the price of his service, which is set by the system, not the author himself, is decreased, so authors there really do not want you to be disappointed with their work. That’s cool. That’s exactly the way other people should work for me. LOL.

Keep in touch for more updates on the matter. Article Twin seems to be a service that I was missing a long time ago (in terms of the article marketing automation), so I really want to give it a proper review when I’ll learn all cons and pros.

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