Much is talked about seo methods and what is required to get to the top of any particular search engine. But, most of these discussions centre round what is required for Google optimisation. This is fine, considering they currently carry most of the search visitors, but what about Yahoo and Bing, both of which have loads of traffic?

A while ago I started to optimise two of my own different websites for the same keyword phrase, and more than the 15 months since I started this I have watched them move about and finally one of them take top spot on Google. At the same time, the other website takes 2nd spot on Yahoo and Bing and 4th on Google.

This is tremendous, but the site that is 1st on Google is not on the top page of Yahoo nor MSN, which tells me masses about the different techniques used to optimise for these search engines.

Now I have to point out that I have done stacks more work for the website that is top of Google and that is why it, rather than the other web site, takes top spot there. But, that indicates clearly what is required to reach the dizzy heights of first place on Google – masses of article writing and guest posting. I have lost count of how a lot of articles and guest posts I have submitted to a whole arrange of directories and websites, but it has been done on the side of other activities, so it is achievable by anyone.

The important factor is that the site does not feature top 10 in Yahoo and Bing, even though the other website is second, with less articles and guest posts. For these search engines other factors are vital.

With these search engines, the inbound links have been important. That web site would not have risen the way it has without them, but Yahoo and Bing do not put so much total faith in the incoming links. For the website that does well on these two search engines is also the website that I did a little bit (but not too much!) work on the code.

Both web-sites have the keyword phrase in the title meta, but it is merely the one that does well in Bing and Yahoo that then goes on with supplementary mentions of the phrase. This web site also has the keywords in the meta description, the keywords and twice in the body (once being in emphasised text). They also appear in a h1, but as part of a longer phrase.

So to reach top spot in Google, one reference on the page is enough (and even that is not required), but to rank well for Bing & Yahoo, make certain that you do at least reference the search terms a couple of times, but do not go excessive.

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