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First off before reading this article I highly suggest you have a basic understanding of SEO and general internet marketing which you can learn by searching Google for basic tutorials or going to v7n forums and reading through the archives. Some of the concepts covered in this article will be basic, but we will also be diving into the more advanced side of SEO especially when discussing internal link structure. After reading this article you should be able to completely SEO a website from top to bottom and have strong landing pages throughout your site. SEO as well as all aspects of e-marketing are of course in a constant state of change so what is true in this article today will probably not be true in five years, but for now will definitely be helpful for those attempting to gain first page Google rankings today.

First off I want to discuss the basics of SEO first giving my general description. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of working with both the on page and off page elements of a web presence in an attempt to have them ranked appropriately and high as possible in search engine indexes. This is done several different ways the first being with the use of metas and keywords throughout the content. Be sure to never sacrifice readership for SEO since your visitors are not idiotic and will think your web presence looks spammy. One mistake made constantly is thinking Tags are a good thing, well if they are taking up a bunch of your room and look ridiculously bad then get rid of them. The only tags I really like are the ones which wordpress uses under posts. Also when trying to SEO a website make sure to never go overboard when it comes to keyword density. It is quite easy to repeat keywords over and over in the hope that Google will rank you higher for that word or phrase, but what usually happens is Google will think you are trying to manipulate the spider and either ban or punish your web presence.

Internal structure is bot on and off page SEO. It has to do with making sure your structure is in a pyramid fashion giving all the links possible to the home page, but not linking the home page to all sub pages therefore increasing the authority of your home page in the eyes of Google. To do this you will need plenty of sub pages that will be linked to from pages other than the home page, but make sure to link the sub pages to the home page. Also never use the word home, index, or similar phrase when placing a link back to your home or index page. For the highest SEO value you will want to use what every keyword you would like to rank well for. One example is my site which is about making money online free. Rather than use home on each sub page I use the words make money online free. If you are worried about your visitor not knowing that the link goes back to your home page you can always put something like “back to” before the link.

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