I have found website design to be both an art and intelligent design. Website design has advanced so much now that it’s so easy to separate the style from the function. In its simplest form you would use html and CSS. All the styling, of course is handled by CSS which is pretty straight forward and a designer can control just about all the styling elements of any web page. It’s really a super way of styling a page as one can control the styling of all pages by just one CSS file. In other words, all the styling elements that control the look of the web pages are contained in one file and when modification is needed or wanted, the target element can be modified throughout the website with just one change rather than having to change every page individually. That’s pretty cool.

HTML can then be used to control a lot of the functionality of the website, some of the layout, tables, buttons and other page elements which make using the website friendlier and easier. It’s also the way search engine crawlers read the website so all those required search engine optimization can benefit as well. In the future, when HTML5 becomes standard and gains wide browser support, this becomes even a more intelligent part in website design.

We must not forget the art of using white space. Busy or crowded websites can be a big turn off not to mention hard to read or find what you may be looking for. Proper use of white space is crucial to a good design. The art of using white space is to gauge the overall please-ability to the user. It’s intelligent to use proper line spacing, clear fonts, proper separation of images from its surrounding areas, and good use of differentiating various sections

Add to all this some videos, images and perhaps a little Flash and you have a nice working website. The art of the matter is how one would arrange all these elements so it’s both pleasing and functional for the end user. The art involved is to engage and hold on to that user. The art of it is having the user say wow, nice site. It’s interesting to note that just art of the website will not be enough to win or bring that user back necessarily. Function and usability plays a big role in it as well. Art alone won’t do, it needs to be combined with function.

You can see how intelligent can be combined with art to create striking and useful websites that can rank well in search engines, be wonderfully functional, easy to navigate, pleasing and easy on the eyes and beautiful to look at. Would you return to a website like that? Would you tell your friends? Would you tag it as a favorite on “stumbled upon” network? I think you will.

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