To start off with you will need some sort of code editor to meet your web design requirements. Having a good understanding of the underlying code used to create a website will give you a much greater flexibility when you produce your websites. CSS, HTML and JavaScript are the visual markup languages that you should gain some understanding of.

In industry situations you will find that the most commonly used program is Adobe’s Dreamweaver, which offers a lot in the way of code functionality. Whilst this is a very powerful solution with features such as assisted syntax writing you may not need all of the features offered by the program. Although as far as code editing goes you can achieve most of what you need with simple text editor. Notepad++ is a free text editor which provides all of these important features.

Of course you will also need the ability to edit and optimise photos for use on the web. Again Adobe has Photoshop for some serious editing although you will find that Adobe Fireworks is geared more towards producing web optimised images. The size of images is always an issue when it comes to creating a website that looks great but is quick as well. You can use GIMP which is free and very popular amongst people who don’t want to shell out for programs such as Photoshop.

You will also need some sort of FTP program to upload your files to the internet where everyone can see them. Dreamweaver already has an FTP client integrated into the software so there are no problems there but an alternative would be FileZilla. Whilst it may be a little tricky to configure an FTP client if you have never done it before there are many video tutorials available on the web which can help you.

For nearly every piece of highly priced software there is an open source or free alternative you can use. A good place to start looking is where you can put in any of the high end software that you think you would like to use and find something that performs a similar task. Once you are proficient with your website design skills you may want to consider trying some SEO or internet marketing techniques to help boost the profile of your new website.

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