If you are thinking of creating your own web first of all you should determine if your company or personally you really need a web . And if the answer is “yes” you should make some research on line to get the necessary information about how:
* to choose the most appropriate type of a web site
* to register a domain (a name of a site) and hosting (disk space in the network)
* to create a web site by your own or how to find a web designer and programmer
* to win over visitors to your web site
* to make money on your own web site

What for do you need a web site? Each company has its own answer on this question. For one a web site is an essential attribute of the firm, for others a web site is the method of searching of new clients and partners. But everyone is of the same mind that having a web site is the same must with having a male address of the company.

You can create a web site by your own. You can learn very fast how to create web sites if you really wish that. If you do not have time, different web design studios are always at your service. There are also a lot of private designers and programmers who can make any your demands and artistic fancies real.

Creating a web site is not the easiest task especially if you have decided to create it by your own. There are many web design studios that offer you to make a web site for you fast and not very costly. But if you want your site to be unique and free for you, then you can create a web site by your own. There are a few phases of a site’s creation below:

The development of a structure of a site:
* definition of the initial data for the site
*definition of your demands about the outward and functionality of the site
* forming of the structure of the site — categories of the menu;

The development of the design conception:
*creating a design-model of the main page of the site
*affirmation of the conception of the design-model of the site’s main page
* creating the internal pages of the site and definition of the changes in the design of the site’s internal pages

Html make-up, design and creation of the internal pages:
* development of filling of the internal pages
* development of additional pages (the site’s map, searching results etc.)
* optimization of images

* definition of the programming tasks
* development of the database structure
* writing administration scripts

I hope this phases will help you in the uneasy but very interesting work of creating your own web site.

Currently the Internet technologies are very popular. The web network is not only a place to entertain but also a spot to earn money. In spite of the reason, to be presented in the Internet one needs a site. And it is the time when the question how to make a website arises. Those who are searching for details on how to build a , should refer to the Web itself. There are lots of docs on how to make a website and related topics.

In any way, it wouldn’t be wise not to take advantage of this chance provided to us by digital technologies. Google and other search engines, social networks and forums, blogs – all of them could assist to find information on “where to make a website” and similar topics.

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