How do you define Search Engine Optimization: SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.

A Search Engine searches the World Wide Web and makes a record of the information that the pages it visits contain. It then makes an index record of the page by making keword references in its data base.

Keyword or keyword phrases are the terms internet users put into their search boxes to find information they are looking for.

SEO can then be defined as finding ways of writing information and building your web pages or web sites to maximize the value of your page or site, relevant to the way the search engines index your page.

A search engine gives your information a relevence ranking in relation to each of the keywords your page is indexed by. The search engine then uses this relevence ranking when it returns pages when and internet user searches for information on the world wide web. The page with the highest relevence ranking is shown first when it returns a list of pages. The following pages have lower rankings.

The search engines use what are known as ‘algorythms’ to apply a relevence ranking to each page they find on the web. This ranking is known in SEO Courses as Page Rank. Page rankings are checked regularly and up graded and even downgraded to fit the search engine’s needs.

A Search Engine Optimization Manager can be software or an IT professional. It is the job of an SEO Manager to find keywords to use to attract visitors to an offer. And also to be used in advertising campaigns. Another use is in targeting an income from the money advertisers spend advertising their products.

Search engines regularly update their ‘algorythms’ to improve their services to both advertisers and the internet searchers using their search service.

The search engine service providers don’t make their ‘algorythms’ public. The responsibility of Search Engine Optimization management software and Search Engine Optimization management staff and service providers is to find and to make their employers and clients aware of all the latest Search Engine Optimization information, as it becomes general knowledge. You can become more familiar with natural seo by following this Free Search Engine Optimization Course.

When Search Engine Optimization is used successfully there are many visitors to a site that has been search engine optomized. This traffic is often referred to as natural traffic. When an SEO manager or SEO Management Service targets this free traffic they use Natural SEO methods.

When SEO techniques are used to synthetically to build the page rank the system is known as black hat. The search engine owners alter their ‘algorythms’ when black hat methods are found.

It is always best then to improve natural traffic results by using organic SEO or natural SEO methods.

Back to defining Natural SEO. I guess then you would define natural SEO, as any SEO methods used to target or improve free traffic, that are not black hat.

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