Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a process every webmaster is familiar with, yet it is still covered in much enigma. I have been a webmaster for quite some time now and have had relative success with using a search engine ranking tool instead of optimizing my websites manually. This is not a an advertisement-like article, so no worries I will not spam you with service links, I would like to talk about the process behind SEO and what a search engine ranking tool is capable of doing and how it does it. Read on if you are interested in my thoughts.

Search Engine Ranking Tool [part I]
The SEO process

SEO is actually a simple operation. There are two types of SEO: internal and external. Lets begin with the easy one. Internal SEO means finding the right keywords and optimizing your site for them. The “right” keyword is a keyword that is highly relevant to your niche, does not have a lot of competition and gets a healthy amount of daily searches on google (this means free google traffic for you). You then take this keyword and optimize your website by making sure to achieve a certain keyword density (usually around 2%) so that google, when indexing your page, will believe that it is highly relevant to the keyword and will index it appropriately (spot number one if you’ve done it right).

Why am I so convinced in the simplicity of the procedure while you have been spending an unnumberable amount of and take over your job. With the right search engine ranking tool you would be able to scout the most relevant, highly demanded keywords and then optimize your website accordingly. Further on, once the keywords have been acquired, the site optimization procedure can be overtaken by WordPress and the FullSEO plugin. This is really rather easy, isn’t it?

A more demanding task lies in external SEO. But do not worry, even this type of work can be outsourced to a search engine ranking tool. External SEO boils down to acquiring high valued, relevant backlinks. A backlink is simply a site linking back to your site. An re-outbound link so to say. Backlinks are only efficient when they are related to your content and come from reputable websites. This process can be automated with the help of a search engine ranking tool, too.

Search Engine Ranking Tool [part II]
What the software can do for you

Going back to internal SEO, a good search engine ranking tool is able to access a huge database of google (even better when it has access to other search engines and social networking sites) searches, source relevant keywords related to your typed in request and show detailed information. This information usually includes the amount of traffic, amount of rivals competing for top position and a relevancy score (determining whether you will be able to promote your product or service successfully or not?).

In the case of external SEO, a search engine ranking tool will scout and find relevant, highly ranked pages on google and present you with this results. This way you can “spy” on your competitors, find out how many pages are linking to them and what keywords they use to rank high. Further on, a good tool will bring out “do-follow” sites, meaning that you can leave your link there and build highly valuable, related backlinks doing wonders for your google page rank.

Shortcut to important information in the sphere of one way links – please study this web site. The times have come when concise info is truly within your reach, use this opportunity.

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