Google or Google search engine optimization can be defined as using the search engine optimization tools to get a top listing of a website in Google. In other words it can be defined as hiring to get listed in the top pages of the globally popular search engine called Google. This concept has become popular as it is an accepted fact that the maximum traffic generated to a website is through the search engine. is not only getting top ranked by Google or any other search engines but it is the process of making a webpage search engine-friendly. There are a number of aspects which gets a facelift as a result of hiring an service provider. The agencies or consultants review the website content and try to reform the content so as to make it a quality content to invite more clients. Technical expertise is a part of the aspect as they try to improve the quality of the website by concentrating on the technical side of the website. Keyword research is as another aspect that is very important as it would also generate targeted traffic to the website. Hiring an agency as well as studying the free resources available on the internet would help an internet marketer to understand the Google concept better. The right time to hire an is when one is planning to launch a website or when one is trying to improve the existing website. Sometimes, hiring an service provider could prove to be counter-productive. True, a good company would help in popularizing the website. But there are some irresponsible consultants about there who could bring notoriety to a website. So an internet marketer must be careful while hiring consultants. Securing a top rank in search engines should be the priority. It is also quite important to have an idea about the basics of Google techniques. In order to be ranked in the top pages of Google, selection of right keywords is very important. These keywords are essential in order to tap the target market. Overture search suggestion tool can be used to find other keywords that can be used to optimize the website. The second important factor is the domain name. The inclusion of keywords in the domain name would enable to get ranked well and if this is not agreed keywords can be included in the names of the web pages. Keyword density is another aspect of Google . Keywords should be present through out the web content. It should be around 7 to 10% per page. The maximum number of links the website possesses increases the chances of getting ranked in the top pages of the Google search engine. Google is a concept which has gained huge popularity and has become hot a topic of all web based discussions which indicates its importance. The difference between a good and popular site is the .

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