The update of the Google index is also known as the Google dance. For a number of days when Google is updating their index to include new pages and replace their algorithms, search outcomes nearly seem to take on a lifetime of their own. Excessive positioned sites have been recognized to drop into near obscurity while the lesser-judged websites abruptly discover themselves careering towards dizzy heights in the rankings. Whereas this phenomenon is often comparatively short lived, lasting solely or three days, many site owners take it to be a sign of things to come through the subsequent main update.

Spurious Search Engine Outcomes

Google makes use of a number of patented algorithms to determine the exact ranking of each indexed website. Additionally they try and index as many websites and pages as they will presumably find. So as to do this they utilize tens of thousands of various hosts and over a dozen knowledge centers. It is unimaginable for Google to replace each one in every of these at the similar time and it’s also impossible for them to alternate between utilizing outdated data and the brand new updated data. This leads to some doubtlessly skewed results in their listings. However, these results are not often indicative of future rankings.

Relying Too Closely On Toolbar PR

The problem for a lot of site owners is an over reliance on the toolbar web page rank. This is a problem for several reasons. Page rank isn’t the be all and end all of search engine rankings. It is used to determine the weight of an inbound hyperlink, meaning that a link from a page with a PR5 is significantly better than a link from a web page with PR2. Nevertheless, having a PR6 won’t essentially mean that your site will checklist above all the PR4 websites on the web.

Relevancy Of Web site Content

The logic is fairly simple. The PR of your website is a numerical value decided by numerous components together with the number of inbound links. On no account can this numerical ranking indicate the relevance of your web site content material when taking a look at a specific search term. Having a PR6 website doesn’t necessarily imply that your site bears extra relevance to a specific time period than one other website with a PR2. So, as well as the PR of your website, Google must also think about the subject and the content of your web site and how related that is to the related search term.

Toolbar PR In contrast To Live PR

One other downside is that the toolbar PR is only up to date each three months or so, typically longer, typically shorter. When you’re seeing that your web site solely has a PR2 it could be that it truly has a PR nearer to 5. Your website will receive the credit score from this “live” PR in preference to that of the toolbar PR so don’t panic.

A Final Word On The Google Dance

During the time the Google dance is being accomplished, the servers located round completely different knowledge facilities are upgrading and updating one at a time. Because of this some websites will present spurious results and why some webmasters profit for a day or while others lose out. There may be absolutely nothing that may be completed to stop this Google phenomenon and there’s nothing you can do to rush the method up. All that’s left is to sit again and watch in amazement as the Google index dances.

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