The project’s main objective of the optimization of search engines, known as (), is to increase the number of visits from any site, positioning the first results page of Google, Yahoo and MSN. Addition is to increase Internet traffic through marketing campaigns, forum and blog. Therefore making the job easier for search engines that your customers will find you and not vice versa.

Points to consider:

Customer Survey
Study competitors
Develop marketing program
Local Search Engines
International search engines

Writing for search engines: It is about changing and improving your page so that it is positioned correctly when using certain combinations of terms or keywords that search engines use crawlers or spiders.

Content development:

The analysis of the keywords
As the public seeking their products or services on the Web
Terminology in the keyword
Overview and analysis of possible keywords
Titles and names of files Goals
Competitive analysis of keywords, titles, goals and name files

Technical aspects:

The use of keywords on your page
Page design from an
Optimizing search engines spiders
Optimizing directories targeted by human
Page titles
Titles in pictures
Density of keywords in text
Content relevant to the keywords
Navigation bar and links
Internal structure of links
Robots.txt File
Comprehensive Assessment of the page
Use of tools for optimization

Link Popularity: Since the major search engines use some form of link popularity (ie what pages point to your page) as a factor in ordering the pages (page rank), to improve the popularity of links on a page is a very important for search engine marketing campaign. The main step of the process to improve the link is to identify potential opportunities to link directories specialty Partners (links to our directories) and complementary websites. After identifying potential link partners, we will ask, share or acquire new links.

Study of the links used by competitors
PR links
Study text links in relation to the keywords
Text used to create the link
Text used to describe the link
Target page
Exchanging links
Spams and link farms
Writing Articles from the point of view
Participating in forums, taking into account the keywords
Participating in blogs, taking into account the keywords
Writing press releases for strategies to promote
Unidirectional Links
Reciprocal Links
Internal links
Database of linked sites
Analysis of the database
Analysis of different strategies

tools: Reports, analysis, monitoring and improvements: These reports indicate the place where your site is located on the main search engines and your site statistics regarding the keywords. We are of great importance in determining the success of our goals and future optimizations.

Google Map
Google Analytics
Campaign Conversion
Monitoring users
Campaign ROI
Index stats

In conclusion, if necessary, an analysis and improvement of the pages, analyzing the weakest. The duration of the campaign is between 3 and 9 months

with the help of SEO report you can get easily knowledge about your site’s position and ranking, SEO report also helps you to increase your site’s popularity,

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