WordPress is turning 7 years old this year and is currently the most popular blog publishing application available today. Over 200 million websites are using WordPress, but it may be a bit difficult to tell because of how easy WordPress customization is. Through the usage of templating and widgets integration, WordPress blogs can be customized to the web master’s liking and they do not even have to know PHP and HTML coding although those that know can benefit even more. Therefore you should make full use of the WordPress customization techniques to make the most out of your blog.

Benefits of WordPress Customization

While the default templates web theme is simple and elegant, customizing the theme allows you to give your site a personality and identity. You can put business logos or brand names and give people a better idea on what blog they are reading. It also serves as the basis for what color scheme to use since color schemes often revolve around the logo.

By combining creativity with WordPress customization, you can impress your visitors with a unique design that encourages them to subscribe to your feed or come back to check out some more content when you make updates. If you already have a fully designed website, you can utilize the WordPress customization features to enable your blog to integrate perfectly with your web site’s theme for complete branding.

How to Obtain WordPress Themes

Starters can begin by looking for the many free WordPress themes made available for download on the internet. WordPress’s very own website has its own search bar to look for WordPress themes that are linked from other theme templates. Social bookmarking websites often post links to free WordPress themes as well. Downloading is as easy as clicking the download link and saving it to your desktop. theme wp are usually ZIP files that contain several PHP files and a style.css file.

Another way to get WordPress themes is by buying them from sites that sell premium WordPress themes. These kinds of WordPress themes look more professional than the free ones and offer greater WordPress customization possibilities. Some free templates may suit your site’s theme well, but it is best to check out the WordPress premium themes and move on to a better design to create a better impression.

Installing WordPress Themes

Whether the WordPress theme is premium or free, installing the WordPress theme is also easy. Just extract the ZIP file to a folder and then upload that folder to your “themes” folder inside the “wp-content” folder. You will need an FTP program to get this done or utilize your web host’s FTP tool. Once the upload is finished, activate the template by logging in to your WordPress via wp-login.php. Go to “Design > Themes” and you should see the new theme in selection. Click the “Activate” link and refresh your website.

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