Ok everyone this is not a planned post but i found something really really interesting and with something u can get lots of traffic each day on your site. i made it to like 700+ hits on my site the first day!! with only five minutes of work. Ok i was trying to get into something to get alot of friends on facebook. same reason everyone would be interested that i want to addvertise my site/product. I came across a group called Maximum Friends – Minimum Effort Group 2. What this group does is that u join it. request for admin , they make you temporary admin then you simply send message to all the group members to join you as friend. This group consists of 60K+ reall people. After doing this you continously get 100s of friends request. Well this would be a lil headache accepting all requests. So u get Awesome number of people listening and watching u . Now lets take it the SEO and Marketing Way!! Follow simple steps.

* Make sure your website is 100% ready.
* Join this group Maximum Friends – Minimum Effort Group 2.
* Request for admin in forum.
* After they make you admin send message to all group members to join u as friend.
* Make the message very original and kool.
* In the end of the message include your name and a link to your website!!

Ok so the cycle will start u will be added by tons of people. Whats Next?? The main thing. give it a few days rest so you get maximum friends requests and alot of people get in touch with you. After that Make an event about something going on your site or a discount on any product etc. or a simple site promotion event. I think you can guess teh result!! Thats all Folks!!!

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