How would you like to pay for traffic to your for as long as it survives? If that sounds like a bad marketing advertising strategy you should be integrating search engine optimization into it.

Everyone knows that Google gets the majority of traffic online today. When you look at a Google page the ads you see across the top and down the right hand column are paid ads.

owners are purchasing Google Adwords and placing ads for targeted keyword phrases. This is a fast wasy to make money quick to stay on page 1 of Google for any keyword phrase you want to target.

Google must do pretty well selling these ads because Forbes estimates the value of their company at $220 billion. Considering that Google is barely over 10 years old that is pretty darn impressive.

When you go down the middle of page you see organic results. These are websites that Google feels have earned the right to be ranked for that targeted keyword phrase.

owners get a lot of traffic from these keyword phrases. As a matter of fact if you rank highly on page 1 of Google for a large number of keyword phrases you can save thousands of dollars in advertising costs.

Therefore you need to know what your keyword phrases people are searching related to the niche of your . Then you need to begin to optimize everything you do around as many of these keyword phrases as possible.

When you do a blog post you should be titling the post with the keyword phrase in it. You should be bolding the keyword phrase in the first and last paragraph of the post as well.

If you build a new web page that title should include the keyword phrase in it. You should also have that phrase in the text you are listing on the page. You can even go so far as to bold, underline, or italicize it for additional emphasis.

If you are working at getting backlinks you should be hyperlinking the keyword phrases back to your website. You should also be hyperlinking those keyword phrases back to some of the inner pages of your website.

Whether you are a local owner trying to get your online, or an marketer who is struggling to get needed traffic, integrating into your marketing plan is smart. It is also imperative if you want to compete well into the future without spending all of your hard earned dollars promoting your .

Following a few of these tips will help your grow and you will find it’s not that difficult to do.

Jeff Schuman helps owners make money online with article marketing, blogging, and free JV With Jeff Training.

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