If you want a professional website, you should focus on the following:

3.-To instantaneously deliver its products and/or services

However regardless of its level of detail, each goal of a business website must always address the needs of its target audience.

Many online business mistakenly address the needs of their operations instead of the needs of their visitors, and this is but one contributor of the complexity we all have come to experience on the Internet—and of course, one contributor to failure.

Audience-Oriented Design Goals

When you make a website it’s important to focus on the key needs of a website’s audience.

A website that serves mostly Internet Explorer users can take advantage of advanced Java or VB scripting, whereas a website that attracts mostly low-end browser users should avoid scripting altogether and concentrate on providing text-based content instead.

Another goal of a website that caters to visitors with slow Internet connections would be to display small, fast loading graphics rather than video-laden web pages that are riddled with 400K+ images.

Planning Guidelines

As soon as a website is loaded, it should show what’s available and how to get it without having to jump through unusual hoops. Planning can help with that. In fact, it’s much easier to create a website with a plan in mind, and a good plan will turn the entire process into a series of simple 1-2-3 steps.

The Flat Plan

The simplest plan for a website entails a series of webpages linked together from a single webpage. This basic “flat plan” is sufficient for websites with no more than a couple of pages, but it’s not an appropriate plan for websites with hundreds or thousands of webpages.

In the illustration below, you can see how this combination looks on a flowchart. Each row of webpages represents a level, and this website’s older archives are located on the 5th level. Instead of having to click through four pages or levels (home page => members page => discussions page => archives page) to access this website’s older archives, visitors could search for it through a form we provide on the website’s home page.

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