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WordPress : Preventing Your WordPress Blog from Hackers – SQL Injection 0

All about SQL Injection Attacks on WordPress I am taking a short break from the Gimp Video Tutorial Series.  The last few days I have been in recovery mode after my site was hacked.  My site wasn’t coming up, and I couldn’t even get to the administration area.  It turns out (after much research) that […]

Using WordPress And Joomla 0

Worpress is a popular open-source platform for blogs and Joomla is also open-source CMS and extremely popular system used for many websites. What is the difference between them and which is better? Since they are actually different systems with different philosophy it is very difficult to compare them and even harder if not impossible to […]

Free Wp Templates Are Easy To Get 0

WordPress is turning 7 years old this year and is currently the most popular blog publishing application available today. Over 200 million websites are using WordPress, but it may be a bit difficult to tell because of how easy WordPress customization is. Through the usage of templating and widgets integration, WordPress blogs can be customized […]

How To: Insert Ads Only After the First Post 0

Have you ever tried to insert advertisements (or any bit of code really) into the WordPress post loop, then found that it will insert the banner after each post? It really depends on what you are going for, but this usually will not be an ideal solution to placing advertisements between posts on your homepage. […]

Designing A WordPress Theme 0

This article by Lorelle about designing for WordPress illustrates how to get a website theme without spending allot of money, this is a technique web design Newbury is trying to promote within their site. There are many other way web design Newbury can create a site on a low budget but first its best to […]

Making Money From Your WordPress Blog Is Easy 0

The easiest way to make money online is to have your own website. That way you can sell affiliate products, set up your own shop or earn money with advertising. To create a website capable of bringing in a decent income we will use a blogging platform called wordpress. But done be fooled, it’s not […]

WordPress Themes Are The Best And Most Usefull For Blogging 0

WP was conceived from a requirement of a well-designed personal publishing system built in PHP and My SQL. Its functionalities have made it unquestionably popular that it is not just getting used by bloggers but by almost all business small or large; creating web sites, creating WP wp blog themes etc. For so many reasons, […]

WordPress 2.9 : Post Image Feature 0

You may have heard a bit of news about a new thumbnail feature for themes coming to WordPress 2.9. Yes, you’ll be able to easily upload a post thumbnail. However, it’s not just thumbnails. The image will have various sizes. So, I’m going to refer to this feature as the post image feature. In this […]

Subscriber’s Magnet-For Bloggers Who Can’t Stand Low Subscriptions 0

Discover Subscribers Magnet wordpress plugin that can increase optin rate upto 200%. Try PopUp Domination and the SEOPressor WordPress Plugins RISK FREE and see how they can increase your wordpress blog optin list and traffic. For bloggers who can’t stand low subscriptions…Exclusive 24 hour Discount offer – Subscribers Magnet…”Subscribers Magnet” relaunch has been a big […]

WordPress : QuickTip : Two Sidebar Templates 0

Ever had a layout with two or more sidebars? The standard convention is to put both sidebars inside sidebar.php if they’re beside each other, or one in header.php and the other in the standard sidebar template. However, there’s a quick little WordPress trick that actually allows for two separate sidebar templates. You’ll need two files: […]

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