Displaying Current Time – JavaScript Tutorial – Step 2

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Now and again it can happen that you want to time some task on your web page. For example you want to display the current time value on your site. In this case you need to update your page in every seconds. Don’t worry! This task is quite simple using JavaScript.

Before creating a complete clock we need to learn the basics of this topic. First of all there is a JavaScript function timeout() which will be used.

The timeout syntax is:

var t = setTimeout("javascript statement",milliseconds);

Well, the first parameter is a standalone JavaScript command or it can be a function. This will be executed when the time in the second parameter was elapsed. As you can see you need to use milliseconds.

The return value is an identifier for this timer event. So if you want to cancel it you need to use this identifier.

A very simple example is the code below. Here we will display a simple alert message. We use 2 buttons here. The click on the first one will display an alert without timeout, however the click on the second button displays a message using a 3 seconds timeout.



      <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">


      function delayedAlert(){

      setTimeout("alert('This alert was delayed');",3000);


      function normalAlert(){
      alert('No timeout');




      <button onclick="normalAlert();">No timeout</button>

      <button onclick="delayedAlert();">Delayed alert</button>


As you can see here we didn’t used the return value of the timeout function. It is because in this case we only want to make a certain task only once. In case of displaying current time we need to use a recursive call.

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Free Wp Templates Are Easy To Get 0

WordPress is turning 7 years old this year and is currently the most popular blog publishing application available today. Over 200 million websites are using WordPress, but it may be a bit difficult to tell because of how easy WordPress customization is. Through the usage of templating and widgets integration, WordPress blogs can be customized to the web master’s liking and they do not even have to know PHP and HTML coding although those that know can benefit even more. Therefore you should make full use of the WordPress customization techniques to make the most out of your blog.

Benefits of WordPress Customization

While the default templates web theme is simple and elegant, customizing the theme allows you to give your site a personality and identity. You can put business logos or brand names and give people a better idea on what blog they are reading. It also serves as the basis for what color scheme to use since color schemes often revolve around the logo.

By combining creativity with WordPress customization, you can impress your visitors with a unique design that encourages them to subscribe to your feed or come back to check out some more content when you make updates. If you already have a fully designed website, you can utilize the WordPress customization features to enable your blog to integrate perfectly with your web site’s theme for complete branding.

How to Obtain WordPress Themes

Starters can begin by looking for the many free WordPress themes made available for download on the internet. WordPress’s very own website has its own search bar to look for WordPress themes that are linked from other theme templates. Social bookmarking websites often post links to free WordPress themes as well. Downloading is as easy as clicking the download link and saving it to your desktop. theme wp are usually ZIP files that contain several PHP files and a style.css file.

Another way to get WordPress themes is by buying them from sites that sell premium WordPress themes. These kinds of WordPress themes look more professional than the free ones and offer greater WordPress customization possibilities. Some free templates may suit your site’s theme well, but it is best to check out the WordPress premium themes and move on to a better design to create a better impression.

Installing WordPress Themes

Whether the WordPress theme is premium or free, installing the WordPress theme is also easy. Just extract the ZIP file to a folder and then upload that folder to your “themes” folder inside the “wp-content” folder. You will need an FTP program to get this done or utilize your web host’s FTP tool. Once the upload is finished, activate the template by logging in to your WordPress via wp-login.php. Go to “Design > Themes” and you should see the new theme in selection. Click the “Activate” link and refresh your website.

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Gaining Multiple Links From One Source 0

This article brought to you by Kris Beus the webmaster of how to make money online and get paid to take surveys.

A debate argued constantly by webmasters, but one that needs to be looked at seriously. When you begin building backlinks this will be one question you should ask yourself “will it help my site to acquire more than one backlink from this source?”. Well my opinion is clear two backlinks from the same source is better than one as long as the source contains PR (Page Rank). I will admit that I still think that there rests importance in PR though it has little or nothing to do with SERPs (search engine result pages). PR is how Google decides the importance of a website and high SERPs position is given to the website which is optimized the best and acquires the most authoritative relevant backlinks.

The reason that most believe gaining two backlinks from the same source does not count is usually when a website allows more than one link they are a social media, blog, or forum. Single pages on these usually carry very low link juice and require quite a few backlinks before you will see improvement. Now the reason I have gone with more links to one source is valuable is because Google giving each URL its own unique Page Rank and SERPs position. If you look at squidoo you will find an array of different pages ranking well for every different keyword under the sun they will also have many different page ranks. Personally I have two ranked well and one has a PR of 2 the other a PR of 1. They are in the same niche though are a bit different keyword wise. If I was in the make money niche and I saw these two pages pretty much standing alone search wise I would want to gain backlinks from them both even though they are both sub pages of squidoo.com.

I have also seen this quite often in forum where a solid post can sometimes have more rank than the forum itself. If you gain one backlink from a websites home page and it is a PR of 2 then gain a backlink from a sub page of that website which has a PR of 4 don’t you think that both of these links will be beneficial to raising your SERP position or do you think Google will only give you credit for one and if so which one. I think that Google will give you link juice for both, but the only people who know for sure is Google. A few things remain certain. First you do need backlinks and backlinks which have keywords anchored between the anchor tags. You should also use tactics when building a website so Google will index you correctly. Without these two you will not gain rank within the SERPs whatsoever.

Get important things to know about the topic of one way links – please read the web site. The times have come when concise info is really only one click away, use this chance.

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How The Internet Business Can Make Money With The Social Media Sites 0

Understanding the big image, the enterprise concept, of the social media websites is essential, as a result of it gives you the idea the right way to make the most of them on your web business. What is their driving drive

1.What Is A Social Website As we see, the time period is built of words: media, which implies promoting distribution channel and social, which means a group of identical thinkers inside some bigger group of people. It also means the interplay between the group members. Both elements are very useful for the web business advertising and actually belong to its fundamental vocabulary.

So social media means communication place, which is established for folks, who has the identical interest or pastime, the place they can change ideas and share benefits. If you happen to think your personal web enterprise this sounds just great!

Wikipedia places it on this method: “Social Media is the democratization of information, reworking people from content material readers into content publishers. It is the shift from a broadcast mechanism to a many-to-many mannequin, rooted in conversations between authors, folks, and peers.”

It will be significant that social media uses the crowds and their very own will to connect data in a fashion they want. So the social media websites are voluntary and very interactive, which gives a number of benefits for their members within the type of web enterprise boards, message boards, weblogs, wikis, podcasts, pictures and videos. Funny thing is that social media sites are pushed by users, they make the content.

2.How To Seize Attention In The Social Media Websites When people participate in the social media, they act in interest teams, which is natural. In the internet business advertising this is known as segmentation. If an internet enterprise marketer wants to seize attention on the location, he has to face out from the crowd. The requirement to be completely different is similar than in other mediums.

Social media websites are like open markets, the place you as one participant construct your own brand, your individual experience, which attracts a few of the group of the identical thinkers and part of these interested people need to visit your website. In a manner the query is about pre promoting job, but never about advertising.

If the social media web site has precisely the same content or thought than your web enterprise site has, then it can be a lead producer to your website immediately or your website may even be capable of sell the merchandise to the visitors. In case of the leads, it gives your web business site a terrific opportunity to approach them later with a number of emails or newsletters.

The competition in the social media sites requires that you need the AIDA course of: attention, interest, want and action. It is a course of which wants planning, as a result of the sites are full of personal messages. An important thing is your promise: what is so helpful in your provide

The social media sites provide an ideal place to build your own model, which is a multi-step process. It is all about information, about influences and about feelings towards totally different actors. Social media advertising and marketing additionally includes the process of promoting and spreading ideas among targeted web business audiences. Social media advertising can also be used as a calculated tactic to nurture feelings or goodwill in direction of a selected website or web business.

Social media advertising is a strategic and methodical process to ascertain your influence, popularity and model inside communities of potential customers, readers or supporters.

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Edges Of Link Building In Terms Of Seo Optimization 0

Among the various ways, link building is one of the important ways in which of improving the rankings of your website in the search engine. This conjointly helps in retaining your ranking. But you should continually keep in mind that until and unless link building is not properly monitored, your web site will be another spam website that is rejected by most of the leading search engines. You’ll be aloof from the search engine index. Another thing that one should remember about link building is that it’s an eternal process. You would like to enhance your links continuously, thus that your web site gets the eye of net traffic.

Back link is an integral half of search engine optimization methods. This may act as an incoming link to a explicit web site or a specific webpage will link back to your web site from a different site. A back link is additionally known by different names like inward links, inbound links, in-links and incoming links. Search engines like Google take back link as an vital criterion before ranking is awarded to a explicit website. A number of the varieties of back links include reciprocal link, theme-primarily based link, one-approach link, three-approach link and the directory submission link. One way link helps to get a web site higher ranking. This is a lot of effective if you mix this process with directory submission.

Link building helps the positioning in several ways. Through the links you’ll be able to index the frequent visits to your website. With links, the popularity of your website will increase manifold. With quality links, you’ll be assured of a good ranking in leading search engines like MSN, Yahoo and Google. If you have a high ranking, and smart links, the links will help you to retain your ranking within the engine. In all the cases, you ought to keep in mind that it is the standard of the links and not the quantity of back links that can help to increase the recognition of the site. Thus a professional forever stresses on the quality of the links.

With quality back links, the web site will be easily accessible to the crawlers and spiders which are appointed by leading search engines to understand concerning the sites. Organic is referred to as a promoting stunt. This stunt however tries to optimize the portal to increase the page rank. This can be a manual process. Unlike alternative automated ways, this manual process helps in article submission in free sites and on-line forums. The main purpose behind this technique is to extend on-line branding and net traffic will be attracted towards the site. This can be a vital way of selling the positioning which ultimately helps in on-line business.

With reciprocal link building, helps to multiply and at the same time increase the sales figures. This is often a time-consuming process, but at the end of the day, you will notice that your website has received a prominent ranking. This conjointly helps in online partnership. Any site that uses reciprocal linking will be assured of on-line partnership.

Still wondering what is the best seo experts? All the tips you’ll ever need about seo experts can be found at seo experts.

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Quality Seo Services To Gain High Ranking 0

When a successful implementation of search engine optimization services is performed on a web site, prime ranking is positive to result in the search engine list. Among the world’s high search engine that are have high surfing demand are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Some other new search engines have started attracting online guests towards them are AOL, Bing, Raise etc. These new search engines have an increase in the amount of guests consequently. Search engine optimization services are obtaining a lot of competition in the market. For the proper optimization method, a good services company has got to be considered. This permits the business to urge maximum views and high response from the shoppers and audience. Therefore you can say that a search engine optimization services have a ton of advantage in the growth of a business.

The thriving implementation of optimization techniques brings maximum views to the site. Suppose if you’re a brand new business player giving either services or product then during this case you wish facilitate of an exploration engine services company. The company can assure to improve your sales and services. For this your internet presence can be improved so that you just achieve a top read among the search engine ranking. After you receive this target once complete implementation of services then internet visitors will surely approach you for your services or product. This happens when an individual is online and is looking for a services or product comes to induce you as his result. When you are found attention-grabbing by the guests he will contact you. This contact turns to a preferable customer if he retains with you over long time. Now you can see how a research engine technique brings revolution within the business world.

Search engine services have created business flourishing with huge numbers of sales and profit. This can be as a result of you get regular increase in your customer profile list. You happen to visit several new customers. Search engine services have responsibility to deliver sensible services with quality articles, link building services and others. Link building services is referred to take your web site link on some other website thus that visitors recognize your business. When your website link is clicked you get a read and might be you get a client. Articles are also written to inform what services and product you’re dealing. Quality articles ought to be uploaded so that visitors get clear read about you. Complex articles are not recommended for search engine optimization services.

When all the aspects of search engine optimization are thought of on the parameter mounted by professionals, your web site gets huge response worldwide. You are recognized as a complete name. You’re a most popular business in products or services in the patron market.
Once you’ve got implemented search engine services for you website you must not forget to update on regular term. If you’re not bothering for timely updating of website then you’ll happen to determine a low ranking of your site. This could bring low revenue for your business.

By: Istivia Michael

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Unisoft Technologies is a leading company that gives services with guaranteed top ten positioning in all major search engines.For additional details, click india, services india.

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Debunking Organic Seo Myths 0

strategies or web optimization has been used vastly throughout the internet as people and businesses attempt to make and set up the appropriate image and repute that can attract their target market.

Organic SEO


If you want to achieve long run safety within the trade, you must know which procedures are working and which of them are just wasting your time and money. Debunk organic Search engine optimisation myths and enhance the way you appeal to your target clients.

Primary website positioning Myths

Some folks say that you must submit your URLs to the search engine first. This was once true, but now, submitting these do not likely lead to higher search engine rankings. Some people additionally require you to get a Google Sitemap. In case your weblog was designed the proper means or is crawler-pleasant, you don’t want to do such. The sitemap might be an added bonus, however it’s also possible to indulge in other instruments on-line that will help you rank better.

Another requirement which is now considered insignificant in having higher web page rankings consists of updating the web site frequently. Updating the web site lots can boost the crawl fee of serps, but your rankings won’t change. In case your weblog gives adequate information and is simple to navigate for human users, you don’t have to keep altering it with the hopes of selecting higher search engine rankings.

Obtaining Adverts and Affiliates

It is a delusion that PPC advertisements can both hurt or increase your website positioning ranking. Lots of customers really imagine that working Google AdWords can change the natural rankings or trigger their position to go down or up. PPC advertisements and buying extra affiliates can assist you keep seen to your goal market by means of other internet sites, however the approach doesn’t instantly result in higher web page results.

Banning Myths

It is a delusion that your web site might be banned if you purchase a number of links. Search engines don’t discover anything improper with buying promoting on net sites. One other fable entails having your weblog banned for ignoring the instructions of the search engines. Laws truly provide you with helpful recommendations on methods to rank higher on serps, however you must be careful not to use the strategies that they truly despise. If you go for black hat Search engine optimization methods, you could be penalized. Banning of web sites requires a lot of negative feedback that may contain a number of actions throughout totally different times.

On Words and Restrictions

It’s a myth that phrases in the meta keyword tag should be included on the same page. It’s true that you could enhance visibility of your site through the use of the correct meta tags and key phrases within the title, but you shouldn’t attempt to overstuff the page with the keywords. Spend money on secondary and tertiary phrases as a substitute to stay visible.

There are additionally no rules on which number of words is optimal for higher web optimization ranking. Some say that Search engine optimization copies need to be at the very least 250 words long. It is good to make use of just sufficient words in your content to offer sufficient information. A advertising and marketing copy that may be optimized for 3 to five keyphrases or keywords is ideal. Go straight to the purpose in your articles and cross on the message of what you are promoting with each one.

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How To Generate Automated Traffic From Social Networking 0

Marketers and large corporations are raking in thousands and thousands of dollars on sites like Twitter, Fb, MyBlogLog, MySpace, Hello-5, Linked-in and FriendFeed, etc. Dell reported incomes over $3 million from direct advertising on Twitter. What do these social websites have in common Traffic and many it. What makes them so standard and how did they get all this traffic HOW can you duplicate their success and high site visitors stats with out allocating a whole lot and hundreds of dollars for marketing How can you achieve their rating

Internet advertising as of late states that there should be a proper mix of the normal marketing varieties and the newest social networking methodologies with a view to acquire the most effective of both the advertising and marketing strategies. Although each the advertising and marketing kinds are extremely completely different and unique in their very own methods, there are just a few advantages that social networking enjoys over the standard advertising and marketing method. Lets see what these benefits are:

It’s absolutely free: while among the traditional advertising strategies like PPC, CPM and many others, are paid providers, there is no service in social media that is paid. It vows for completely free Web advertising solutions. This is without doubt one of the main reasons why social networking has moved a step ahead of other advertising fund as.

Concentrating on your market is far easier in the social media than it is within the conventional web advertising practices. Moreover, social networking offers a possibility to the marketers to rise up and close to their goal a lot in order that they can even communicate straight with them asking for their feedbacks and suggestions. Listed here are some concepts for incorporating social networking into your mix:

1. Creation of social networking profiles. Register and create profiles with the heavyweights like MySpace, Facebook, and the other ordinary suspects, but in addition do create profiles with business-oriented corresponding to LinkedIn and industry-specific sites. Don’t neglect to search for local and regional, too!

2. Take part in these communitiesAmong the best methods to get probably the most out of social networking is to turn out to be an energetic participant in these communities. Simply be sure that your posts add something of value to the communities so that different members are inclined to take you seriously. Most of all, take care to watch the written (and unwritten) protocols of those websites, and don’t feed trolls by rising to their bait.

3. Embrace your URL in your signature After you’ve established credibility with the other members of the group, embody the URL of your website in your signature. Its a great way to extend qualified site visitors, especially skilled traffic, to your site.

4. Begin your own neighborhood on your web site and replace it typically to offer your readers a reason to check your website regularly. Consider including a forum the place prospects can ask questions and get suggestions from you. Your weblog posts can range from informative to promotional to humorous and you can whet your viewerss appetite to test back typically by introducing unique coupons and sales.

Are you looking for more information on free search engine submission. top 10 internet marketing companies has been in the business of affiliate marketing websites since. Getsearch engine optimisation tips now!

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Как парсить урлы 0

Основа всего это хорошая база,с большим кол-вом пиаристых ресурсов.Сразу говорю,что качать базы,выложенные на всяких блогах и форумах это не есть гуд для вас и ваших доров,т.к. там уже все засрано где только можно :) Поэтому лучше самому напарсить базу.Сначала чутка теории.

Парсинг – это процесс сбора адресов сайтов для последующей рассылки по ним.Парсить можно чего вздумается – форумы,гостевухи,доски,вики-сайты,блоги.Главное,чтобы там можно было оставить ссылку на свой дор.

Немаловажно знать синтаксис поисковика.Я остановлюсь на гугле,т.к. у него самая большая база.

1)inurl:”aaa” – поисковик выдаст все сайты у адресе которых найдет aaa, вместо aaa мы можем вставить любое другое слово, например guestbook,forum и т.д.
2)intitle:”aaa” – поисковик выдаст все сайты в заголовке которых найдет aaa. Опять же вместо aaa может быть любое слово.
3)site:.aaa.com – поисковик выдаст все страницы с домена aaa.com, вместо aaa.соm может быть любой домен любого уровня.Вместо .ru могут быть .com, .org, .net и т.д.
4)intext:”aaa” – поисковик выдаст нам все сайты в тексте у которых было найдено слово aaa. Вместо aaa- любое слово.
5)”aaa” – поисковик выдаст нам сайты в которых было найдено слово ххх (найденно было везде в урле или в тексте или в заголовке, неважно).
6) -”aaa” – поисковик выдаст нам все сайты исключая те, в которых было найдено слово aaa. После минуса также могут стоять inurl:”aaa” intitle:”aaa” site:.aaa.com intext:”aaa” и др.

Теперь перейдем к практике.В мире есть много видов гостевых.Вот пара примеров:


Следовательно в парсере,в данном случае Agress Parser,в запросе я ввожу

inurl:”gbook.php?a=sign” site:.com

этим запросом я соберу все гесты с домена .com вам же остается только менять название домена:


Теперь задаемся вопросом как находить типы гестов.А очень просто!Заходим в гугл или яндекс,набираем что-то типа “скачать гостевую книгу” заливаем ее на фрихостинг или на денвер,смотрим чем она оканчивается,а потом уже с помощью парсера смотрим выдачу этих гестов.

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7 Stages To Installing WordPress In A New Site 0

Step 1 – Find Your Host
If you have not already done so, then you need to decide on where you will be hosting your site. Look about for a site host that offers the services that you need at a price you are happy to pay. To install WordPress, you will need basic hosting along with a MySQL database, so look at the price of that. If you are creating over 1 blog then perhaps look at accounts that will host multiple web-sites, even reseller accounts.

If you are lucky you may select a host that has one click WordPress installation. If so, then do the next step and the one click installation and forget the rest of the stages!

Step 2 – Buy Your Domain Name
Usually this is part of setting up your hosting. Think of a good domain name, check if it is available (your impending hosts will have a tool for this) and go for it! Do not be tempted to stuff the domain name with keywords. Keep it short and snappy and good looking. If keywords fit into it, then fine. But a name that describes the website or is based round your name might attract more visitors long term.

Step 3 – Install A Database
This might be automatic with several hosting packages and with others you need to click a button to install the database and set-up an admin user id and password. Make a note of the access details your host gives to you.

Step 4 – Download WordPress
Go to WordPress.org, click download and get a copy of the lastest version. Save it to your machine then using Windows Explorer search for the folder that you have downloaded to. It arrives as a zip file, which you straightforward unzip by opening the zip file in Explorer then dragging the WordPress folder into another folder. It will take a minute or two to unpack.

Step 5 – Customise the Installation
Look at the readme file in the unpacked folder, but fundamentally you take a copy of the wp_config file and edit it with the user id, password and probably database location from step 3.

Step 6 – Upload WordPress
Now the hard part, if you are not used to it! If you have an FTP package then just use that to upload the unzipped contents of the WordPress folder to your site (the contents merely).

If you do not have FTP software, the you might use Internet Explorer to do the trick. Type into the address bar the address your hosts have handed you for FTPing, sign on and then navigate to the folder on the site you need to upload to. (Certain versions of Internet Explorer require you to confirm you want to use FTP by choosing an option under the tools menu on the top right.) Now, just drag the contents of the unzipped folder to the folder on the web site.

Step 7 – Install
Type in your weblog address and follow the instructions on the screen, you are seconds away from having a new blog! Select a password and (onWordPress 3.0 onwards) choose a user id and you are running.

Now, you only need to start customising WordPress and change some security settings. Easy when you know how.

Written by Keith Lunt of How To Start A Blog. Call in if you need any help or advice with starting blogging.

Gain pragmatic things to know about the topic of internet marketing – please make sure to go through the site. The time has come when concise information is truly at your fingertips, use this opportunity.

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