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Your Next Theme Is Here 0

There’s two ways that you could get your blog online, and there are definite pros and cons to both choices. Here are a few things to consider when you are attempting to make this decision for yourself. Hosted Blogs A hosted blog simply means that your blog is set up on someone else’s server. Free […]

WordPress : QuickTip : Standardize Blogroll Formatting 0

One annoying nuance to many WordPress theme developers is how the bookmarks list is formatted by default in WordPress. While all the other lists – categories, pages, and archives – display in a nice, neat, one-level un-ordered list, it seems that the bookmarks tag does it differently. By using an extra parameter within the tag, […]

Getting The Best Free Wp Theme To Start Your Blog 0

A Live journal weblog design provides the Graphical Interface (GUI) for your blog. A topic is exactly what fancies up your posts, or content material. Styles help your own blog look good. A topic consists of many data (they are known as template files) and they work together to produce the actual presentation of your […]

Classic Templates 0

When building a landing page for advertising purposes, such as with pay-per-click ads, there are numerous of factors to look for in a template before you create it or consider purchasing it. In the following paragraphs, we will look at some of the factors you want to make sure appears in any design you consider […]

Nothing Easier To Use Then A Nice Wp Template Theme 0

If you have never built an Internet site prior to, among the quickest as well as easiest ways to get your own first domain live and operational in only minutes would be to set up Word press in your web site. Live journal is a bogging system that allows you to have a pre-built web […]

WordPress : QuickTip : Post Meta in Sidebar 0

Ever wanted to include additional data from your post’s custom fields in the sidebar of your page? Almost every theme utilizes the sidebar.php template, but if you’ve ever tried to use the standard method of calling custom field data in the sidebar, you’ll know that it doesn’t work like you’d expect it to. Here’s the […]

Alot Of Bloggers Use Themes 0

Now there are lots of bloggers that are working online. They are those people who are willing to share some thoughts and experiences. If you’re the blogger it is necessary to get making your blog site the most visited site. You can only do this by providing an interesting content not to mention attractive theme […]

Huge Compilation of WordPress Code 0

If you are a theme designer, or just enjoy customizing your existing WordPress theme, it can sometimes be a hassle digging around for the WordPress code you need. I’ve spent a lot of time on this site collecting various snippets of code since launch and decided that it would probably be more convenient and useful […]

Discover How To Create A Fully Optimized Website In Minutes Using WordPress Express 0

Are you exhausted by spending hours building your Affiliate Marketing websites? Are you at a loss on how to even begin? Are you looking for a solution to take the hassle out of designing an Affiliate Marketing website? This is where WordPress Express comes to the rescue. With WordPress Express you can build a WordPress […]

Using Joomla Video Tutorials To Learn Joomla Fast & Easy 0

Joomla Video Tutorials are fast becoming the best way to learn Joomla and the open source software’s various modules, plugins and components. It is now labelled the world’s open source platform and is more popular than Drupal though not quite up there with WordPress. Joomla training online is surpassing the traditional offline Joomla courses offered […]

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