Defensive Ways Of Search Engine Optimization

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The first priority with any website or online business is to induce the most effective page ranking on all the leading search engines. The reason behind this is often that the higher your ranking on the search engine better is your probability of getting the most variety of potential visitors. Moreover, web users have the tendency of visiting those sites that they can get on the prime of the search engine result pages. So a strategy is followed by webmasters to urge the upper rankings. Surely, strategies followed for certain duration can offer an optimized result.

There are 2 sides of a coin. Similarly, Orlando net promoting has offensive and defensive strategies. Offensive ways are continually a risk and pricey factor to be distributed for all the parties involved. On the other hand, defensive ways are outlined to defend the position that web site already holds. This ensures you to gain such position that no alternative is there to attack at your position and you’re not a victim too. There are numerous ways in that effective will be carried out.

Analytics: Rummage around for the ways that people notice and use your internet site. How you’ll be able to give insight into your marketing campaigns, your page content and your products.

Content and Copy writing: Obtaining folks to your web site is just a 0.5 battle won. To induce them keep back, you would like fresh and engaging content.

Keywords: Establish the simplest keywords for your website and integrate them into your title tags, headlines and page copy to improve rankings.

Blogging, Forum Posting and rss feeds: A neater manner to instantly publish your fresh content.

Link Building: Building quality links from relevant sources will go an extended approach toward improving your search rankings; at the same time drive plenty of targeted traffic to your website.

Conversions: Not traffic however conversions are surely going to place you on high.

Complete Building: Build a stronger whole by positioning yourself in search results and by branding yourself through social media conversations.

Native Search: Native search is an important part of any online selling campaign. Understand and how which sites searchers are turning to for listings and reviews. Find out how you’ll be able to do it for your business.

Pay Per Click (PPC): A nice approach to drive targeted traffic to your website. There are various ways in which you’ll be able to do paid search advertising maximizing the price of your business.

Online PR: It is not anymore for large companies. Online Personal Relations is terribly much part of strategy. One angry customer will do major harm to you. Of course that conjointly means one terribly happy customer will launch you into the stratosphere.

Different: It includes viral optimization, pod-casting, video-casting, on-line company reputation, Google Adsense, Google Adworld, off page thing.

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Questions To Ask When Looking For SEO Firms 0

Looking for a attainable search engine marketing agency to rent shouldn’t be a straightforward task. It requires good evaluation and proper judgment to have a successful result. New web site homeowners normally haven’t any idea on what requirements to search for in a search engine optimisation firm. Some may know just a little however are still confuse with this primary knowledge. With a view to get an efficient firm, you possibly can consider asking these questions out of your potential search engine optimisation firm. From the answers that you will obtain from them, you can now assess their potential and experience. You possibly can likewise test their knowledge about their work.

The very first thing that you would be able to consider to ask is their years in service or experience. Inquire in regards to the tasks that they have achieved as an firm. That is additionally your probability to ask concerning on how many of these tasks are still working with them. It doesn’t mean that the longer the website positioning firm, the higher they are. It is just a matter of figuring out how lengthy they’ve already survived the Web competition.

You can also ask relating to the method on how they do there work. It’s better if the firm can tell you in layman’s term which you could understand. Once you are able to establish your communication with them, which means that you would be able to perceive what they are doing. Watch out with the process that they are discussing with you. They might be using the illegitimate process or the black hat technique in getting their rank which can get your web site banned.

Before they touch your website, ask the agency in the event you belong to a viable industry. That is, in case your business is in the competitive level. They need to have the ability to answer you as a result of they’re already conversant in the circulation of business. They might have dealt with or encountered alongside the way in which an industry much like yours. From these, they will already give you the value for the work that they may provide.

At all times ask for straight answers, ask the search engine optimisation agency if they’ve clients in the same industry as yours at present. This may occasionally affect their work if they have a number of shoppers in the same field. They are still rivals what ever they are saying that they are.

When it comes to ranking, ask the search engine marketing firm what they give thought to your present web site? Ask whether it is already viable to have a rank. You possibly can additional ask if the present design is already aggressive or whether it is attracting the best audience. There are some agency that redesigns the web site to enhance its design while there are those who simply edits the contents of the site. In the event that they decided to work in your web site, how long can they provide you a result or change in ranking? In case you receive an answer like ‘you’ll be No 1, within 2 weeks’, you would possibly need to think again. This is one of the ways of the rip-off firm. The traditional fee is usually months from the the start of the implementation of the web site to the totally different search engines.

One other question which you can consider is if they have worked for different sizes of web sites already. A superb website positioning firm has skilled working from small to big companies and measurement isn’t an issue for them. They may certainly deal with each shopper as well as the others that they currently have.

Creating a link with different web sites is the fastest method to build a rank. The upper the rank of the site one is linked with, the higher the pull it may well create for a website. The search engine optimisation agency has a number of strategies on how you can be affiliated with these sites. They both join the group or they can also have other preparations with the sites. The search engine optimisation agency should be capable of give you a time section on how lengthy they’ll obtain the hyperlink alternate to your site.

A banned web site does not imply adverse to a search engine optimisation firm. There are some companies that have banned websites as a result of they have been too aggressive with the way in which that they promote their site. However it is still better if the search engine optimisation agency doesn’t have any file of it as a result of might have an effect on their strategy along with your site.

One of the best ways to know the effectivity of the agency is thru their clients. You can ask them when you can contact their purchasers for feedback about their work. If they are truly good with their work, that is a simple activity for them. They can provide you websites and numbers to prove their work.

A search engine optimisation firm will convey life and visitors to your site. Choosing one correctly would additional make your website viable in the trade that you’re at present in.

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The Most Affordable Seo Marketing Is Free 0

I recently had a self proclaimed expert/consultant email to tell me that the HTML on my website was, in his words, ‘Crap’. That is very constructive, especially coming from somebody who professes to be qualified to charge for his services.

He had apparently checked out my source code and come to that conclusion. I got to thinking: the site couldn’t have been crap or an expert would not have got so worried as to check out what I was doing. I was obviously a threat, and if that is the case, then the title of this article must be very close to the mark.

I responded by offering him my eBook on in return for his expert services if he could inform me exactly where I was going wrong. Needless to say, I am still awaiting a reply. I am wondering how much he charges for teaching when he fails to realise something as fundamental as that search engines are not too bothered about the formatting of the HTML as long it is understood. It is the text that crawlers are more interested in these days.

As I pointed out, my HTML must have been understood since the home page my website at that time (a week ago as I write) was at #3 on Google and #1 on Yahoo for its main keyword against 850 million other results, and also at #4 on Google for another page for the same keyword and also at #2 for another keyword. Quite frankly, if that is what ‘crap’ HTML does for you then bring it on – I will to do worse HTML next time!

That got me to thinking that if people pay guys like that for their advice, then perhaps they might be better doing their own . After all, it is not rocket science. Now, don’t get me wrong here, because there are many experts out there that provide a great service and are also honest. Loads of people do not have the time to optimize their own sites, and these people are good at what they do – better then me. However, I know my websites, and I know what I am looking for from them. I therefore know more about the needed with them that any expert would.

That is why I get such good results. Not with all my websites, I should admit, and certainly not with the minisite that this article is intended to promote. Like any article, this is intended to promote a website that offers a product that teaches what I know about by means of screenshots of my websites and the HTML used to get #1 positions against very stiff and professional opposition such as Wikipedia, Harvard University and ‘About’. However, that’s another story and not for this article.

This article is about the cheapest or most affordable . In my opinion that is DIY! That’s right, Do It Yourself! If you have the time. If not, then most of these other people advertising online can probably do a good job for you (apart from my email friend). The most affordable is free – if you know what to do. Quite frankly, there is little to do these days. Google no longer pay attention to Meta tags, and Google are the biggest in my opinion.

Google spiders crawl the text in your HTML, look for H1 tags and Title tags and check out your keywords to make sure there are not too many. Apart from that there’s not all that much to it, apart perhaps for alt image tags. Even keywords are not all that important – Google spiders are very literary these days. They have been to Spider College learning English, and can now tell what you are writing about without you having to tell them.

Your keywords are now largely irrelevant. The spiders know – they ain’t stupid any more. They don’t need you to write these keywords over and over again to tell them – in fact, if you do then they get very annoyed at you treating them as though they were ignorant, and will in fact punish you for it.

Get used to it you guys: is still relevant, but not as important as it once was. These educated BA spiders know what you are talking about (or writing about) and the most affordable marketing is free, assuming you can write and don’t try to teach these crawling guys with the long legs what they already know. And don’t try to fool me that your HTML has to be perfect – I know different.

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Get The Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques For Your Success 0

or applies to web site content designed to assist in improving web site rankings among the different search engines. So as for your business to become successful, you must work on promoting your site. techniques will help in boosting the popularity of your web site compared to different strategies. By maintaining sensible content and increasing web traffic, it’d be much easier for you to keep up a smart standing with the different search engines.

To advertise your business on the Web, you’d need to utilize techniques. There are professionals that you’ll hire to help during this process. will contribute a lot in increasing online exposure and in growing your company.

By utilizing correct techniques, you will be able to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. They’re effective and can aid in ensuring the success of your business.
techniques do not require rocket science. It is terribly simple as a result of all you have got to try and do is position keywords in your webpage. When a visitor searches for the keywords, they can be ready to access your web site through the search results.

When using techniques, you wish to produce the main points of your business whereas generating keywords kind of like your business. You must avoid using the keywords an excessive amount of along with too little. On the typical, the keyword density should be 3 to 6 percent.

Additionally, build certain that the keywords you provide are included in a portion of the details regarding your business while providing the keywords in a title upon your webpage. Once more, the keyword utilization ought to simply be right as this can do additional hurt than good when it comes to promoting your business.

Competition on the Net is very tough. If you would like to stay in step with your competitors, it is important that you consider using techniques. See to it that the quality and content of your website is correct and often updated. You must continually keep your website engaging to visitors who access your site on a daily basis.

The task of keeping your site updated will be a frightening one particularly if you are doing not have the abilities and training to do so. If you’re extremely serious with improving the ranking of your business, hiring an professional will facilitate your achieve success in your business.

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Rules On Search Marketing 0

With an estimated 75 percent of Americans accessing the Internet from some location on a daily basis, a Web site is increasingly seen as a must have in any well rounded marketing effort.But since the Web is constantly changing and is certainly convoluted, putting up a website of your own is not a guarantee that you’ll obtain the attention you desire.

Indeed, the Internet has become the most potent arena for marketing.But when it comes to a web site’s marketing potential, marketers have developed an overly simplistic field of dreams way of looking at it.To see an influx of visitors, you must build it first.Such a notion, where guests will come flooding into your Internet door step looking for information and goods in seconds, is what is planted into people’s minds.But then it is never that simple as you thought it would be.internet marketing sydney

However, your web site might not be visible at all.Let’s just use this example by pretending that there’s a web site known as Blue would certainly log on to search engines such as Google and Yahoo! if they are searching for information on blue socks or how these could be purchased, by typing in blue socks as the keywords.Most consumers would assume that once you type in your keywords, the web site would easily appear.Alas, this site, may not be found in a search engine’s results at all, or if it gets lucky, it could appear on the 20th or 30th pages of the search engine’s outcomes.

When that instance occurs, the web site will be far from visible and undermine its marketing goals since most people won’t be patient enough to scroll through over three pages of search results.An unfavourable performance such as this one, where online exploration engines pin down the web site from a field of budding clientele is a clanger that is unbearable for many people in the business of marketing.Functionality and design are important facets of Internet sites.

In creating your web site, you must ensure that apart from just a very alluring form and its ability to bring in more possible clients, it must also boasts of the following characteristics.A deep grasp on the culture of search marketing, how people navigate the Web with these search engines and more importantly, knowledge of how today’s leading search channels such as Google and Yahoo! Function especially in the task of ranking Web sites.internet marketing company

A keen sense on how the major design elements of a web site can supplement or diminish the visibility of a certain web site.There must be a right mix in form and function if you’re planning to put up a web site.In other words, the web site should be capable of delivering the marketing message to the audience and such should be found without much fuss on the pages of the most popular search engines.Making sure the site’s design and content are compatible with the complex ranking algorithms search engines employ is critical to a site’s performance.

Changes are expected from web site search.The Web is a very intricate venue in which the ground rules are ever changing and challenge industry analysts to keep up.In the world of revolutionary marketing ideas like search promotions, understanding what most search engines such as Google and Yahoo! seek with their proprietary algorithms can be beyond what the usual operators of business can manage.However, vital decisions on the site’s design can have an effect on its algorithmic compatibility or enter into a conflict with the automated system that search engines employ to filter or add Web sites to their data record.

A recent market investigation reveals how Americans increasingly view the Internet as their medium of choice for knowledge on products and services, so ascertaining an effective online existence is significant in warranting a company’s success in the years to come.In the business of developing web sites, one should understand that such endeavor is a valuable asset especially for smaller enterprises so it is just wise to entrust this job to the most learned web development team that knows the convolution of Web design as well as design search standards to gather nothing but the finest outcomes.The last thing one would want is a Web site that looks beautiful but is virtually invisible to Web browsers.

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Article Writing. A Time Tested, Proven Way To Promote Your Website. 0

There are quite a few methods to promote your web site, some dangerous, and some good.

You’ve the free search engines, the holy grail of selling to say the least. Followed up by PPC search engine advertising, then e-mail marketing by way of your personal auto-responder, ezine advertising, labeled ad websites, both online and off line, FFA pages, site visitors exchanges, banner promoting, choose-in and double choose-in e mail advertising, viral advertising, and writing articles.

All of those strategies have been tried by me and a number of them had been a complete waste of time, power, and money. Of the methods I’ve listed, those I really feel are the most effective, and I record these in no specific order, are the free search engines like google, e-mail advertising by your individual list that your auto-responder helped you construct, writing articles and submitting them to the article directories, and eventually, the PPC programs. Of all these strategies and they all work, I strongly feel that article promotion provides you the very best results for the time, effort, and money invested. Making a profit through promoting your website by article promotion would be the focus of this article.

I had heard of writing articles for promotional functions for quite awhile after I started my internet business, but I never put much thought into it. I simply didn’t see how writing an article would help me out. Boy was I ever fallacious! After attempting numerous ways to advertise my websites without any luck, I began to do some serious analysis into what makes the free search engines like google and yahoo work. I read every part about search engine marketing that I may get my hands on and knew I used to be getting near the secrets of free traffic.

Then in the future, I got here throughout an article on article directories and how submitting your articles to them may enable you to out. I had read comparable articles earlier than on this subject, but this article really stood out and stuffed in the lacking gaps for me.

So, I made a decision to attempt it out. I started to write. After a couple of days of proofing and modifying, I had what I assumed was a really properly thought out article on acne.

So I did an internet search on article directories and found a few to submit them to. It wasn’t long earlier than I had a reply again from them stating that that they had accepted my article. WOW! I was now a free lance writer, I joked to myself. So I waited. Each day I might log into the member’s area of each site to see how properly my article was performing. I used to be very disenchanted with the results. My article had acquired solely round 10 views. After per week, it was around 15. I just didn’t see how this was going to assist, so I requested a good friend of mine for some advice. What he instructed me actually opened up my eyes.

He basically stated that my outcomes have been typical, and that I was really doing fairly well. How, I asked, can so few exposures to my article end in increased site visitors? What he advised me modified my attitude completely.

Principally, he advised me to do an web search on my article with the title in citation marks as the search term. Although my article had solely been viewed round 20 occasions by now, I had around 200 outcomes for that search term. Every week later, it was round 1000 search engine results. A couple of months later resulted in a staggering 108,000 results. Regardless that only a few folks had originally downloaded my article from every of the directories, it had in some way spread all through the internet like a virus.

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Using Site Architecture To Improve Seo! 0

Many times, a site gets very large and its means to rank well in competitive markets decreases partially because of the scale of the site. While we within the enterprise know that content material is king, more often than not it is a mixture of content material and effective web site structure which can finally help your pages rank.

In this article I take a look at how one can most successfully structure your site to take advantage of this.

I’m not saying it’s incorrect in any way. In actual fact the tactic outlined will likely be very effective for a small to medium sized web site; nevertheless I have also discovered one other method to manage your website which will be more practical if completed properly.

In the article, it explains how you employ layers to arrange your site. Now we’re not talking about CSS layering or anything like that. It’s extra of a web site structure subject than anything.

Based on the article, for more details go to to one can layer their web site by way of using sub-folders. By creating layers of sub-folders and then putting all related content inside that sub-folder you can layer your web site to assist particular sections of it rank higher.

This can be a nice option to organize a smaller site because it means that you can place topical pages collectively, and promote links inside the pages to help improve general positioning of those sections.

Further, it helps scale back the dilution factor typically felt by sites that try to cover multiple matters in a flat file structure.

For instance, in the event you promote widgets you may set up the sections by some common element, corresponding to color. You’d then arrange all other sub-folders in an identical style.

Like I said, I feel this can be a very effective strategy for a smaller or medium site. There can be a a lot higher chance of blue widgets ranking highly in a structure like this.

However, I feel that for bigger websites there’s an much more efficient strategy to set up your content.

By way of the use of sub-domains one could additional manage this content. This could make it much more related to look queries and more prone to rank. Remember that such a method is of probably the most profit to larger sites. If you do not have a large website, for extra particulars visit to or do not foresee your website rising to develop into a large web site then I would not suggest the sub-domain layering tactic.

It’s because, as I’ve said, the search engines will treat your sub-domain as a singular site. So in the event you’ve solely received 10 or 15 and even 50 pages in your sub-domain, chances are it will not rank as competitively as it might have as a sub-folder of a larger site.

What you’re doing by combining the two methods is getting extra bang on your buck. It is because you are covering more area on the internet, allowing your site to rank for both broad and particular terms.

Then, with some good strategic interlinking it is possible for you to to even additional promote the broad areas of your website by linking all your inside pages to the pages above it.

Whereas I’m not totally dismissing the layered content material concept offered above, I am saying take into account your situation. In case your website is a smaller site, by all means use the layered content material approach. If it’s bigger then use the sub-area approach.

Also remember that there could be a number of ways to prepare the identical content.

For example, along with organizing your sub-domains or sub-folders by color within the widget example, additionally take into account organizing them by features. This manner, a chosen widget may very well be linked to from multiple related categories.

Not only that however you’ve got now bulked up your web site with a bunch of additional pages. These new pages are required to help create the sub-domains and navigation required to drive guests to the person widget pages.

One of these multi-class linking is widespread amongst many massive sites. One good example is Ebay. It organizes its top auctions into sub-domains like antiques, art, autos and clothing. Then, within the categories the sub-folder construction is used to additional phase the site.

In conclusion, if you’ve been in search of a way to most successfully arrange your website while serving to to improve rankings, contemplate these options. By way of the usage of sub-folders, sub-domains or a mixture of both you can effectively manage your site, section your merchandise and target searchers extra effectively.

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How To Generate More Incoming Links To Your Website The Correct Way. 0

As we all know, if you wish to make money on the web, you need to have visitors. Traffic is a power in the , and all the site webmasters are always looking for the new strategies to bring as much traffic as possible. One of the best ways to promote a website page is the . lets you have a lot of free and targeted traffic that will help you make quick money online.

Backlink building is what you need to do in order to push your internet page in the search engines. The task is to have as many links as possible pointing to your website from all the corners of the web. Each link is a vote for your site. So the more votes you generate the better it is for your . Notice that the backllink must be with the anchor text. It is the name of your link. If you have thousands of links pointing to your site without the anchor text, so the Search Engines will not know for what search terms your site must be ranked for.

The phrases that you choose to rank your site for must be on the subject of your site. These are the phrases that the surfers may look for in order to find your website. When you have chosen the phrases, you can go ahead and add them as the anchor text to every one way link you create.

It is very important to make your linkbuilding process as natural as possible. There are many internet marketers who still think that making for a single term is enough and it will successfully rank their site for this term. Though it is not so. Now Google and other search engines are aware of such tricks and may penelize the sites which’s linkbulding process looks unnatural. In order to avoid this problem we recommend you to find several different terms that are still relevant to your site and add them to the anchor text of your . This technique will make your linkbuilding work look natural for the search engines and your site will be high ranked soon.

When you are looking for the sites to exchange your links with, be sure that your link is added to the content of the site and to the relevant page. The page and its content needs be on the subject of your own website this is the fact that is also very important for the . Also before you exchange a link with a website, check that this website is ranked for your terms.

Another good strategy to spread the world with your links is the article marketing. You can write the articles relevant to your site and submit them to the article directories adding the links back to your site with the anchor text. This is one of the best ways to get as many as you can. Remember always do linkbuilding as this is the way to push your site up in the Search Engines and make money working online.

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Discover How To Create A Fully Optimized Website In Minutes Using WordPress Express 0

Are you exhausted by spending hours building your Affiliate Marketing websites? Are you at a loss on how to even begin? Are you looking for a solution to take the hassle out of designing an Affiliate Marketing website? This is where WordPress Express comes to the rescue. With WordPress Express you can build a WordPress website that is completely optimized for Search Engines and Pay-Per-Click Marketing in a matter of minutes! Here are the benefits of The World’s Simplest Site Builder.

Why waste your valuable time designing your Affiliate Marketing websites from scratch when you can use WordPress Express to design a WordPress website in a matter of minutes? Whether you are new to Affiliate Marketing or a seasoned pro, you probably know that you need to have a quality website that can deliver quality content in order to tap into free Search Engine traffic. Successful Affiliate Marketers use WordPress Express on a daily basis to create highly optimized income generating machines. Take control of this unique and powerful system to grow your Affiliate Marketing business.

WordPress Express is an innovative system that allows you to have your website up and running in a matter of minutes. The simple 3-step installation process is quick and easy to use. Pick from thousands of professional looking templates with built in optimization intended to get your website listed for free in Google, Yahoo and other major search engines.

In the Affiliate Marketing world, 95% of the people who give up or are not able to succeed in making money online cannot set up their own website. With WordPress Express you can have a WordPress Blog set up in minutes that will drive your Affiliate Marketing campaigns for years using free traffic to get ranked under high traffic keywords.

WordPress Express consists of an exclusive 60-second installer with Domain Customization and Free Unlimited Hosting. There is no need to purchase a separate web hosting package. Also included is the world’s largest and longest running Affiliate Marketing training program. You will learn how to optimize your website for the Search Engines, how to drive traffic to your websites, and how to sell within any Niche in the world.

Unless you have free time to spend working on creating custom websites or learning programming languages like HTML or PHP, do not ignore the benefits the WordPress Express system offers you. If you can eliminate the website building phase of Affiliate Marketing you will have more time to focus on the part that makes you money, the Marketing! There are no technical skills required, no transferring of files or dealing with FTP, no need to purchase other programs, and no need to search for a training program! As an added bonus, fully integrated Free Unlimited Hosting is included.

Learn more about how WordPress Express will help you build an SEO optimized Affiliate Marketing Website in minutes! Learn more about the internet’s #1 Affiliate Marketing Training Program.

Fetch pragmatic knowledge about internet marketing – please make sure to go through the publication. The time has come when concise information is really only one click away, use this opportunity.

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The Perks Of SEO Copywriting 0

There are a few good things that can be said about copywriting or copywriting. One of the things is that it works really well when the right keywords are used. Search engine optimized copywriting can make your website reach the top number on all the search engines. These words make it easier for the search engine bots to comb through your website and find the words that they are looking for.
The easier it is for these bots to read through your site the more likely it is that you will gain a good ranking.

Remember not to get upset if the site does well on one search engine and not the other because no matter how hard you try will never make you number one on every search engine.

It has been stated by professional copywriters that the sites that get on top of the search engine list and then slightly tweak the words on a regular basis will remain close to the top of the rankings. However this cannot be true. Think about it. If there are three pages full of top ranked sites it will not be possible to always be on these pages due to the fact that more and more people are learning to take advantage of this optimization method.

Remember that while using copywriting may not guarantee that you will always remain on the top listing ranks of the search engine, any time at all spent there will do wonderful things for your site.

If you are ranked number one on a search engine for even a day the chances are you will be seen by thousands of people. If even half of these people go to your site and purchase something your sales will skyrocket, and your profit margin will go through the roof. The secret advantage that copywriting, brings you is immeasurable. You have to get people to your site or your business or your company will fail. While there are pricey things that you can do to advertise, it isn’t always possible to afford them, especially if you are just starting out.

Learn how to do optimization on your own; it is a cheap and efficient way of advertising your website and reaching new customers. If you cannot get the hang of it, do not be ashamed to ask for help. There are people who have spent a good deal of their lives making a career out of using words that will not only get the search engine bots to report your website as one of the top ranked ones, but the words that will also make the people buy your products and your services when they get there. These professionals can be a bit pricey because they are in demand.

Before you completely forget about taking advantage of , ask yourself how many more sales you will make if hundreds of extra people visit your site every day.

with the help of SEO report you can get easily knowledge about your site’s position and ranking, SEO report also helps you to increase your site’s popularity, get more information about SEO report here.

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