Many people today believe Yahoo is still one of the strongest search engines around which is true. However, since the onset of Bing, Yahoo has been declining with regards to market share in the industry. Today, it is clear that although while still ahead, if Bing continues to move at its current rate of growth, in only a few short years it may be possible that it outshines Yahoo in this area. However, to understand how this is true, one must ask the question, “Bing And Yahoo Search Engines. Whose Going To Be The Bigger Player And Why”

So, how many people in the world use Bing and Yahoo? It is impossible for anyone to measure the number of people using any one search engine. However, the searches made can be monitored and are to acquire such statistics. Today, most all search engines monitor their search so as to know their current ranking in the industry.

Current data suggest that Bing maintains approximately 10.7 percent of usage which has risen another 4 percent over previous reports. Therefore, while still ahead with a market share of 17.5 percent relating to U. S. Searches, Yahoo may be ahead in the race at the moment; However, Bing is rapidly catching up and may very well surpass their percentages in the coming months if the trend continues.

So, is Bing or Yahoo more efficient in retrieving information over the other? Bing wins out on this front, as information has been updated more recently even if only with the initial design, development and release of Bing and its massive database. In addition, Yahoo has been in existence for over ten years whereas Bing has only just made its debut in the last few. Therefore, Yahoo unlike Bing may return both current and outdated information compared to Bing in which results are almost always current and up to date.

Unlike Yahoo, Bing also has the capability to return information in an answer format when one types in a question. In addition, it has been developed with newer features and technologies, such as that of allowing individuals to provide feedback to Microsoft with regards to missing or wrong information. So, although both are both excellent in their own right, each one may be better for some tasks than the other.

Both are excellent web sites however, depending upon the needs of the user. However, it is becoming clear through monthly percentage reports and other important factors that Bing is rapidly becoming the search engine with the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the future. To this end while Yahoo remains a good choice for some searches, it appears Bing is leading the way into the future when it comes to search engines.

Are either more efficient? Yes, Bing. For, while Yahoo returns a great number of results during each and every search, Bing is more focused on a specific topic which allows for easier access to the information requested. Yahoo on the other hand, often returns both current and cached or outdated back links (which are the links one receives at the end of a search process and clicks on to move to the desired page) to information which can be both useful and useless. To this end, while both remain helpful in obtaining information, it is Bing that is the most efficient with regards to results.

In Yahoo, there are also so many back links returned it can be overwhelming not to mention time consuming. Also, in order to discover the actual location of requested information, one sometimes has to search through several back links. Back links are the links displayed at the end of the search process on the main page of Bing or Yahoo. Once the main page with a list of links is displayed, one generally clicks the best related link to move forward to the page or website of interest.

Any leading seo optimisation company is starting to target Bing and Yahoo with their SEO packages to capture more traffic for their clients. Whilst Google remains the leader in search engines, having a website well optimized for Bing and Yahoo is still a valuable addition for any search engine optimization campaign.

So to answer the question, “Bing and Yahoo search engines. Who will be the bigger player and why?” Although, both Bing and Yahoo remain useful, it is Bing that is the most updated and useful in determining specific facts regarding most topics. In addition, in most instances, searches are returned more quickly resulting in less time used in locating necessary and valuable information that is often needed in a short amount of time. To this end, it is clear that Bing may very well win the future of the search market with regards to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), search engines and usage when the race is won.

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