Web design is a very interesting and deep subject. When first delving into the depths that are web design and web development it can be quite daunting. It is important to get a good foundation in the basics, so as you develop you are in the best position to truly take on board all of the information that is presented to you. It is also important to choose the correct web design software, as these will be the tools with which you sculpt your masterpieces.


The organisation of your website is of upmost importance. In fact, it is a lot more important than how pretty your website is. It is of primary concern, not just so that it makes sense and is easy to navigate for your visitors, but also for search engines. If you want to optimise your site for search engines so that you rank well, then it is going to be important to structure your site architecture correctly.

You want to have your most important pages as categories for your less important pages. These important pages will probably be the landing pages for your visitors when they arrive from search engines. These pages should get the most attention from you in terms of search engine optimisation.


The layout of your individual pages is a very important aspect of web design. You want your visitors to see your most important information first before anything else. If you hide the elements of your page that actually make you money, somewhere near the bottom of the page, then most of your customers are not going to see this information. It is important to place these important parts of your page above the fold. The fold is the bottom of your screen when you first load up a web page. Above the fold is the part of the screen that is visible. If you have to scroll to view a part of your page, then that part of your page is below the fold.

You also want to make sure that your site is organised in a way that is easy for your visitors to find their way around. It is important to have a clear order in which you want your visitors to navigate around your page. This layout will help guide them to where you want them to go.


Even though functionality is a lot more important than appearance, how a site looks is still very important. Nowadays, visitors expect a website to look modern and clean. Plus, a nice looking website will generally come across as more professional than one that looks like it was built in the late 90’s.

The Software

The that you use can be very important when you are first starting out with web design. It is important to take some time when choosing the that you will learn with. For coding you are going to need an HTML editor and for designing buttons and backgrounds you are going to need some form of graphic design software.

As a web designer today, you need more skills than just designing a pretty site. To be a cut above the rest, you are going to have to master design, functionality, CRO and SEO. Good luck!

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