Article submission is fine way to attract more traffic to the site. It is a good idea to submit articles to popular directories like Ezine, Go Articles, Article base, etc to build a association with reputed sites that are ranked very well by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. This automatically diverts more traffic to the site. Following properly the below mentioned five steps will certainly make the site popular on the net.

Article Marketing

This is the most reliable method to attract more traffic to the site. Submitting articles on regular basis to the top article directories on the net helps in building the image of the site. Linking up with reputed sites like Squidoo, that is content based site can immensely benefit the concerned website. The search engine like Google favors Squidoo and directs more traffic that links with it and in process increases the business opportunities for the site owners.

Using E-Books

When it comes to submitting articles in the bulk, E-Book is the best option. One can easily club his or her important articles together to make an E-book. This is the handy feature which allows presentation of wide range of articles together as one document. The e-book can also be submitted to some popular e-book directories.

Using Blogs Effectively

Blogging helps to interact with the readers and know their needs and preferences. After taking all this into consideration the writer can exactly gauge what the content matter should be. Besides this blogs are liked by search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN and linking the site with the blog means more traffic to it.

Using Book marking Sites

Social book marking helps to link the blog with incoming traffic and uses keywords to tag a public site and share it with other surfers and in return browse what others have bookmarked. This helps in maximizing the exposure of the articles and draws more visitors to the site.

Using Features

Creating a captivating title and building a rich content sprinkled nicely with necessary keywords and maintaining high degree of relevance between the title and content is sure to drive up the search rankings and attract more traffic to the site. These important features provide a great visibility to the site on the net, both to the search engine and audience, which translates into increase in business revenues..

Using Resource Box Efficiently

Successful article writing means ability to present the content to as many readers as possible. To achieve maximized coverage of the audience base, it is necessary to submit small introduction of the writer along with the link of the website in the resource box. Interested readers will click on this link and it will lead them straight to website.

Hence by properly submitting articles to top rated directories and sites the reputation of the site can be greatly increased. This is good enough to attract more traffic to the site and serve the purpose of high quality article writing.
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