The quick method of reaching the first page involves creating lots of backlinks very quickly, kind of like a sprint. SEOs who use this method will create backlinks from where ever they can and link to the homepage exclusively. In the end a website may end up with several thousand links to their website, but have a relatively low Page Rank. companies are able to get away with this because the average person does not know a single thing about , and for those that know a little bit they do not know how to check where the links are pointing to. All the information about the links going to their website comes in the form of a report which may look like this:

February 2010
New Links: 200
Total Links: 2,500
Search Engine Ranking “Keyword A”: #4
Search Engine Ranking “Keyword B”: #1
PageaRank: 2
Amount Due: $3,500

However, what people do not know is that all of those links are pointing directly to the homepage and they may or may not be completely relevant to your website. This is a perfect example of sup-par and may help you right now, but makes your site venerable to being beat out by another site that is utilizing quality tactics.

If you are considering hiring an company ask them how they are going to link to your site. If they try to give you the run around and tell you “its complicated” or “our linking methods have been proven time and time again”, they will probably be using bad . Don’t expect any firm to tell you everything about their strategy because they want your business, but they should at least provide you with a basic idea of how they will build links to your site.

A good way to think about links is to compare them to change; the lower the quality the lower the value. For example, using bad will yield lots of low value coins like pennies and nickels, and maybe a few high value coins like quarters and half-dollars. Good will yield a lower number of coins but they will be of higher value such as quarters, half-dollar, and dollar coins. So in the end which would you rather have 2,000 pennies, 400 nickels, and 200 quarter(2,600 coins, $90); or 400 quarters, 200 half-dollars, and 20 dollar coins (620 coins $220)?

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