Affiliate marketing is fast growing and basically anyone cando it. Even if you don’t have a website, you can participate in affiliatemarketing and make money promoting other people’s products or services. I’m notgoing to ramble on about what affiliate marketing is or what programs to join.I’m just going to give you quality affiliate tips.

Affiliate Tip #1 – You don’t need a website, but it surehelps. Many affiliate programs are promoted through websites and that’s where agood chunk of your affiliate income would come from. However, you can promotean affiliate program through writing articles, joining forums or other socialmedia, creating a info-product, and PPC. Let me explain…

Writing articles is free and productive. If you write aninformative, high quality article, you can submit it to all the articledirectories and attach a resource box with your affiliate link in it, down atthe bottom. This will establish you as an “expert” and drive traffic to theproduct homepage via your affiliate link. The amount of articles you couldwrite is limitless, and you can do as many as you want for different affiliateprograms or different keywords.

You could always join a forum. If you become part of acommunity, you can promote your affiliate links through signature files,relevant posts, or in your profile page. This rings true for all types ofsocial media. If you really contribute to these places, then people will payattention and you can give them your affiliate link. It’s a free option and canbe somewhat fun.

Creating an info-product doesn’t have to cost you anythingif you have that kind of talent. It’s basically creating a product for viralmarketing and you don’t need a website to do it. You could write an ebook, makea video or audio, create a report, or just create something that deals withyour affiliate. You can then contact website owners, ezine owners, or forummembers to give away your product for free for their members. You can do thisfor free because your affiliate link is inside of it and you can benefit fromthat. You let others promote your creation and in turn your affiliate link getsclicked on.

An affiliate tip that isn’t free would be PPC orpay-per-click, but you still do not need a website in order to use it. You canset up campaigns for PPC using your affiliate link. You can use places likeAdwords by text campaigns or banner campaigns. Your own website is notnecessary because most affiliate programs allow you to PPC your link. Just incase though, read the fine print.

Of course the best way of promoting your affiliate productis to have your own website with a squeeze page (in order to get opt-in emailaddresses) or a blog and linking directly through there. But while you’rebuilding your website or not wanting to deal with that… these tips should helpyou promote your affiliate link without your own domain.

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