Web site design is a inspiring art that should not be taken lightly. There is some software online that help the beginner to construct their website pages. But the right can be done through encoding the right codes so that the template and its elements will be user and search engine friendly. Let ‘s talk about table and definition lists. As we all know website pages must include a valid code and “Doc type” at the beginning of and HTML page. This will activate the standards which are the render form in IE7, Firefox and some other browsers. When one creates a design in Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS) which is a a style sheet language used to portray the presentation semantics such as layout, look and feel, formatting the color, language, table and the entire elements that are written in a mark-up language. In fact CSS contains HTML elements that define how to show them. There are also external style sheets that can be saved in CSS files.

These days many web designers and graphic designers collect HTML elements in a separate CSS file. In fact CSS saves you a lot of work and time. When a designer wishes to replace a submit button, s/he can expand the techniques for CSS image replacement.

There are two methods of using font sizes with CSS such as: points (pt) or pixels (px). However, you can utilize other font sizes, either using the height of the element’s font) or small, medium, large key works.
Most of the fonts are vector based graphics. For this reason you can utilize them at 12px or 130px and they will remain relatively sharp-edged. What is vector you may ask? Vector determines a font’s shapeness and is determined by mathematical calculations and describes the form. It is better to use Adobe Illustrator which is a vector program to draw a stroke around each character.

When it comes to float margin on the main panel, sometimes webmasters may have experienced inconsistencies in the margin. If you have also experienced such problem, you may have thought that it is because of the IE ( the browser) bug. This is true, as some browsers have issues when using the margin.

When you are creating a website the easiest way of viewing your page which is stored in your hard disk is to double click at the file and will open up the page in your default browser. Although this is a good method for the static pages, it really is not useful if you are applying a server side language in such case you can set up a local test server for making all the design and tests in the same computer.

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