Almost everyone can be successful online if they take the time to understand and apply the principles. But understanding principles and differentiating between myths and facts will most certainly take months if not years to do. Most people know the theory behind but have never taken the time to apply it themselves.

That is where companies come in. Some of them provide you standard services with minimal benefit while others are expert in providing unique services, which their competitors just cannot copy.

The bottom line is that unless you have spent months or years understanding and applying it, it is better to outsource this job to someone more experienced in this area. Here are 5 reasons why you should not do yourself:

1. is all about experience: Almost everyone can undertake but most of the people do not know how to do it right. Seasoned consultants have spent years testing out different techniques and have met with many failures on their way to success. If you do not have the time to apply techniques yourself, it is better to outsource this job.

2. There are only 24 hours in a day: Good quality links are comparatively more difficult to find. It is very difficult and time-consuming for a beginner to successfully find good quality links. When I started in the internet marketing realm, I used to put 5 hours daily for 3 months and got only 600 links to my website! Good consultants know where to get the links from and how to do the job quickly. If you are a beginner, do not spend your valuable hours doing the link building yourself. Hire an firm to do the job for you!

3. There are too many factors involved: As I keep on studying , I am exposed to new stuff that did not even exist to me before. While many books try to simplify the whole game by presenting you with a list of factors, it is a horrible over-simplification. Although basic can be done quite quickly, getting your website ranked high for competitive keywords requires you to do a lot of things right at the same time.

4. Buying software can be costly: If you start doing your websites yourself, you will need to invest a considerable amount in buying good quality software. Although can be done without the software, doing so severely diminishes your chances of success. consultants and firms have already invested in the needed software, which makes them more efficient for the job! If you hire them, you do not have to pay the hefty price of buying and understanding the software yourself.

5. You can hold the firms accountable: This is one of the best points why you should not do the yourself. If you hire an consultant, he can be held accountable for the results he provides you. In contrast, if you do in the wrong way, it is only you who is held accountable for the lack of good results. Clearly, if you are not that experienced in , you need to outsource this job in order to reduce your risk.

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